Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's really all about you

Yes! At the end of the day, it’s really all about you, you, you alone. The “I, me, myself” surfaces from Hades, from behind the many faces we wear which is an amalgam of education, civilization, co-existence and obligation. And somewhere in all of this, is juxtaposed, something we call hope – hope that originates from a deep down spark of real truth – A truth that defines logic, builds faith and the fire that really drives us – and in saner days sans the obscurity, we know, we speak, we live and we do things that really just gravitate to one focal point – YOU

The question resounds – At the end of the day, what is that one thing that defines you?

Have I lost all hope and hence sound cynical – I remember the madman running the streets of ancient world – shouting –

…. who lit up a lantern in the radiant hours of morning, ran into the market place, and cried out: “I seek God! I seek God!” – Since many of the people who did not believe in God were gathered there, he provoked a great deal of laughter. Is he lost? Asked one. Has he lost his way like a child? Asked another. Is he hiding? Is he afraid of us? Has he departed on a long voyage? Or has he emigrated? – Thus they howled and laughed.

The madman leapt into their midst, piercing them with his stare. “Where has God gone?” he cried out; “I will tell you: we have killed him – you and I have killed him. We are all his murderers. But how could we have done this? How did we manage to drink away the ocean? Who gave us the sponge with which we wiped away the horizon? To where is it moving now? To where are we going? Running away from all the suns? Are we not continually plunging down? Backwards, Sidewards, Forwards, in all directions? Does any up or down remain?

"Are we not groping our way in an infinite nothingness? Do we not feel the breath of the empty spaces? Has it not become colder? Is there not night and ever more night? How do we manage to console ourselves, we master-assassins? Who is going to wipe the blood off our hands? Must not we ourselves become gods to make ourselves worthy of such a deed? (Extract from Fredrick Nietzsche – Essay – Dead God)

When it all boils down to the single “you”, that explains most of life’s problem.

Hang on! – Before I can answer that, these questions demand to be voiced out. How can you say, its all about “I, me, myself” - Are we really that selfish – Don’t we love, don’t we give in so fully, aren’t we ready to even die for a few, do we not sacrifice great many dreams for others, do we not forsake great pleasures, leave behind wealth?

Surprisingly the madman gives us a profound answer – when all things around us are forsaken and we say – its all about me – the essence of what we are saying is – I am the GOD of myself – The only one who is capable of extinguishing GOD is one who can be GOD him/her self – and thats what we have become.

And after a few moments of indulgence as God – Void sets in, for we cannot fill the space of a mighty ocean, or the brilliant sky - leave alone the heavenly bodies – can’t fill the void in the self –And at the moment, something emerges – Love, giving, sacrifice, bonding, growing, life, meaning, faith, hope and the spark, and we are fulfilled – no more “I, Me Myself”, but surprisingly, we get a lot more of the “I” than we ever imagined.

In the endless cycle of life – 4 questions need to be answered coherently –
  • Where have I come from?
  • Where am I going?
  • What the purpose of life?
  • What does salvation mean?
I end on this note – even the bravest among us rarely has the courage what he alone knows! (Forgot who quoted this)

Reality is – at the end of the day, its still about you, though in a different paradigm.
~ to life – Johnnie - 2007