Monday, October 30, 2006

The Skeptic

One being a skeptic somehow radiates a bad aura, and I often wonder WHY? Taking a pause to look into the eyes of a skeptic – There are a few soft but strong assumptions that we take when we meet a skeptic.
1. We assume the same level of knowledge, coherence and comprehension on the stated belief systems
2. Assume the world view in which the skeptic operates and raises the questions as being the same you are in
3. Assume that the skeptic is infinite in his questions – There is a sense of finality that really drives the skeptic
However, what would make a skeptic, an honest one or otherwise?

I think it’s a simple thing – Are the questions part of the quest for the answer, or the questions an attempt to find a crack in the respondents answer.

I love skeptics (and I am one too sometimes), especially the honest ones – They think, make you think and drive you to seek and attain clarity about the basic tenants that we base our world view and outlook on.

To skeptics, Gnaw it off - Johnny


It's a lil past midnight, and sleeps beckons, but the moment lingers!

I do not know how many times this happens to anyone, but twas a moment, when I felt so humbled, by simple honesty.

Heaving with a puffed chest about a virtuous life, and somewhere along the way snacthed the credit to myself for God's Grace, and a brilliant upbrining, as if it was all mine, and reveling with a feeling of near pride - It was just a moment of honesty, talking with my dearest and best friend, that crushed it all - Just crushed it all!
A moment I felt that, it was most important to get right with God, with myself and with man in the same order.

I feel like I have rediscovered something that was lost, and am filled with Joy and gratitude. God does work in Mysterious ways, and I thank Him for all! For once I am not afraid to give back all the controls to Him. What was I really holding back?" - It was just the question, that was lingering in my head, that I wanted to ask God, and I get the answer for the same through this friend.

To my dear friend, its wonderful to know you, to have met you and count it my previlage to be loved so much, and to love you back that much and more. Never felt so glad before.
There is no more fear, no apprehension and just the wonderful feeling of being back in a completely new way, and rediscovering myself, looking ahead and lots of love.

~ To love - Johnny

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Now this is something thats worth a thought ! (stolen of Arjun's blog)

Everything we do in relationships has some kind of payoff for us. Even when we do unselfish" things, it bolsters our image of ourselves as kind, caring human beings. When we take into account what effect choices will have on others, we become better aware of what consequences our choices will have.

Here's the link

I end on this note: I don't know if I agree or disagree to this, cos, I count it a previlage to have tasted something beyond the above (and for that, thanks to all).

Saturday, October 28, 2006

a pause . . .

Just a Pause . .. ... ....

Time to breathe
Time to deal with
Time to get back to the basics
Time to contemplate
Time to correlate
Time to take time

memoirs ...

Friday, October 27, 2006

The culture of "Good News"

I am appalled at the evolution of humans to a culture of delivering “good news” when there isn’t any. Why do we constantly, subconsciously crave and drive ourselves to the point of desolation, just in pursuit of what we perceive as “good news” that we want to deliver, at the primal level to ourselves, in the disguise to a feeling of well being and cool with all the surroundings around us.
Have we forgotten that the basic instinct to survive is to understand what we are? and importantly beyond us as a person, into getting in harmony with the environment around us! That’s what we called as evolution with peaceful coexistence. (and yes harmony does not mean mutating, its just harmony!)

It takes courage to face the truth, more to look into the eye and say the same, and the greatest to say to our “own-self”. Does a disguise of a pretentious refusal of reality, just change the world – No it doesn’t – On the contrary, you loose the very ground you loose one.

What ever happened to the twinkle in the eye at the start of the race, when we all set forth, looking into the sun with hope, of a constant endeavor to work our way through, to finally look back and say – It was a good ride. Do a few clouds burst the bubble – if yes, was the good news - the burst, the bubble or the cloud?
Depending on who we are, and what we are made up of, we equate the “good news” as the brilliant bubble that existed, or the burst of reality that dawned on us, or the cloud that was responsible for the change in the environment. The truth of the matter, we are still on the same ground.

I remember these wonderful lyrics – hmm..

From the day we arrive on the planet
And blinking, step into the sun
There's more to see than can ever be seen
More to do than can ever be done
There's far too much to take in here
More to find than can ever be found
But the sun rolling high
Through the sapphire sky
Keeps great and small on the endless round

It's the Circle of Life
And it moves us all
Through despair and hope
Through faith and love
Till we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the Circle
The Circle of Life

It's the Circle of Life
And it moves us all
Through despair and hope
Through faith and love
Till we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the Circle
The Circle of Life

...and why whine, when there is no “good news” to deliver?– Its still a wonderful world, wonderful life, wonderful being there at the moment. There is a lot more to discover in each other, that we deal with – The world is still a much bigger place. Do we really need to hate “humans” in general?

Reference this blog - Contemplation

To Life - Gyaani

Dashboard @ My Desk

My friend Sam's creativity on the whiteboard, on my desk

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

@ Library

One of those days, when you wanted to reference something, that could help you with your work - and you enter a library.

Now before I go ahead, let me describe my office Library - We have a sitting space to read news papers, a sitting space to read books and magazines, and a 40 seater cyber cafe, so that employees can catch up on any personal mails / browsing or just take a break.

I finish my work and walk by searching for a machine, and find something very amusing!

1. More than 60% of the machines - Webmail (office mail is open) - Huh ? You come all the way to the cybercafe to check the same mails you ran away from?!!!
2. About 10% cross browse (meaning - I see what you are browsing, and you see what I am browsing) - May be this is the internet version of "I pat your back and you pat my back"
3. About 15% - searching for Jobs (hmmm thats better, but the internet access is uses your AD authentication - so what difference does it make if you search for a job from your desk??)
4. The remaining are smiling, typing sweet nothings, catching up on mails, and everytime you pass them, they try to hide the screen - (I felt guilty stepping on their real time off from work)

So, these are my conclusions:
1. People have become Pseudo workoholics - Meaning, they are really not workoholics, but have rotten their head so much, that they run off from the work place to catch up on mails from elsewhere - Actually, they have no work - Else they would not have left their seats

2. People really need to take breaks - It's legal, ethical and just right for you and every one else

3. I like the cross browse thingie - New internet age bonding !! - Way to go

4. Don't be a dumb ass to search for a job on a job portal from the cyber cafe, using your own AD - Better do it from your desk - atleast the message is sent across loud and clear

5. People still go to the library when they need some thing to reference - There is hope - It's still not a completely "googled" world as yet.

To Life - Gyani

Where are the colours?

Hmm.. I wanted a fresh looking computer desktop background, and went about searching for some good images on a few better known sites.

Has the definition of a "good" image been fortified as -
1. It should be something green !
2. Some closeup picture of a blade of grass, a dew drop, or a bird shot with a telescopic lens
3. Empty landscapes
4. Sunset / Sunrises
5. Shilloutes
6. Flowers shot at such close up, that you feel you stripped them naked?

Just want one background image that can brighten up a day! - Is that too much to ask? Huh?

I will start my photography back!

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Spartan Mind – Unsparing and Uncompromising!

This blog is dedicated to me – Why? Cos, I love an intelligent argument!

On a random visit to one of my own blog entries -
The Indulgent Mind - So More and No More!, it stuck me to reason as to, what a counter argument to this can be?
Hidden deep in the recesses of layers of experiences accumulated over the years, as a result of learning, un-learning and re-learning, is a strong impression of a set of rules that need to be honored, zealously safeguarded with spite to anything that remotely suggests indulgence.

The lines are teased, the lines are crossed, and the lines are broken – from when did one take ‘indulgence’ to be a way of life? – It’s the discipline in the now what would define the tomorrow! If the lines were drawn, they had a purpose to it.
As G.K. Chesterton pens it down - “Before you pull any fence down; always pause long enough to find out why it was put there in the first place.”
That brings us to the question – It’s about expanding the horizons that really defines and refines us as we traverse the path of progress. So, what wrong with indulgence?

The milestones along the way, the fences that you see, and the very lines that are crossed, are the ones that were put in place by someone, somewhere, somehow to give a reference point. So, if we uproot the very thing that lends itself as a reference point (good or bad), we will be left with nothing to compare against anything. That would kill anything called ‘indulgence’ – in simple words; it’s a self defeating argument!

Quoting G.K Chesterton again- And the fact that [the revolutionist] doubts everything really gets in his way when he wants to denounce anything. For all denunciation implies a moral doctrine of some kind; and the modern revolutionist doubts not only the institution he denounces, but the doctrine by which he denounces it. Thus he writes one book complaining that imperial oppression insults the purity of women, and then he writes another book (about the sex problem) in which he insults it himself. He curses the Sultan because Christian girls lose their virginity, and then curses Mrs. Grundy because they keep it.

As a politician he will cry out that war is a waste of life, and then, as a philosopher, that all life is a waste of time. A Russian pessimist will denounce a policeman for killing a peasant, and then prove by the highest philosophical principles that the peasant ought to have killed himself. A man denounces marriage as a lie, and then denounces aristocratic profligates for treating it as a lie. He calls a flag a bauble, and
then blames the oppressors of Poland or Ireland because they take away that bauble.

The man of this school goes first to a political meeting, where he complains that savages are treated as if they were beasts; then he takes his hat and umbrella and goes on to a scientific meeting, where he proves that they practically are beasts. In short, the modern revolutionist, being an infinite skeptic, is always engaged in undermining his own mines. In his book on politics he attacks men for trampling on morality; in his book on ethics he attacks morality for trampling on men. Therefore the modern man in revolt has become practically useless for all purposes of revolt.

By rebelling against everything he has lost his right to rebel against anything.

That’s brings to the last point – is there something that exists, which we can call as the “indulgent mind”?
It’s the interplay of the will, the mind and the heart at a slice of time that really defines the moment! – Did I say, define – The Spartan Mind smiles!
To life - Gyaani

Saturday, October 21, 2006

7 Seven 7’s

I have come up with this new theory that life happens in buckets of 7s.

0-7 Yrs
  • You are nurtured
  • Cared for
  • First impressions of likes and dislikes
  • You get your way by kicking and crying
  • Love is being nice to (yourself)
  • Milk teeth fall and …

8-14 Yrs

  • Your grow faster in head as much as in body
  • Learn to care for
  • First strong impressions about anything and everything
  • First crushes
  • Completely new set of opinions about life
  • Voice cracks, final set of teeth
  • Dreams where sky is the limit …

15-21 Yrs

  • Likes and dislikes are redefined
  • Impressions turn into Opinions
  • Crushes are crushed and Love is substantiated
  • Dreams are fortified
  • Responsibility?
  • First taste of frustration …

22-28 Yrs

  • Have an opinion about everything and anythingOpinions are given a dimension of pragmatic realism
  • Frustration fortified
  • Love is revisited, crushes are better
  • Get realistic, dreams are for the losers
  • Responsibility beckons
  • Marriages….?

29-35 Yrs

  • Opinions don’t matter anymore
  • New set of impressions (what ever they are – go back to 0-7 yrs) formed
  • True Love, an illusion
  • Dreams revisited (ahan.. 15-21 Yrs)
  • Dental Gloss (go back to 0-7 yrs)
  • Voice Booms (ala cracks all over again)
  • Frustration fortified
  • Married!

36-42 Yrs

  • Energy Rejuvenated
  • Sharing Experiences?
  • First attempt to write an auto Biography
  • Sweet memories of crushed crushes
  • Should have been following my instinct!!!
  • Revisited decisions of every thing ever did
  • Final Impressions of life remade
  • Love is finalized and sealed forever
  • Responsibility aches

43-49 Yrs

  • Experienced at everything and anything
  • Failed autograph
  • Lasting memories stacked and preserved
  • Rationale was good – Instinct bad – I took the right decisions
  • Final Opinions about life
  • First chance to transfer responsibility
  • Dreams fulfilled

50-56 Yrs

  • Hmm… Life takes a full turn, the start of a second and pitiful childhood, go back to 0-7 yrs sections. Its already 7 times 7

Based on how long you live, it repeats all over again!

Due to the inherent differences in the gene pool of species Homo Sapiens (ala we, humans), there can be some extended or decreased periods in the 7 yrs cycles. Some times its admired as brilliant and sometimes spat on as stupid.

To Life - Gyaani

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Colour of Your Blog?

Your Blog Should Be Green
Your blog is smart and thoughtful - not a lot of fluff.

You enjoy a good discussion, especially if it involves picking apart ideas.

However, you tend to get easily annoyed by any thoughtless comments in your blog.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A taste of reality

I am not the one to burn bridges with haste, but sometimes, I just hate it so much; that at will I can choose to uproot even the mountains that create the need for a bridge.

No Mountains, no bridges, just an open expanse of whatever you call that.

I detest when someone uses me to be the shoulder to fire a gun, and move away with the notion that I would not realize - something that people forget - when you fire a gun - there is a recoil that hits the shoulder, and that does jolt even the dumbest one to know that it was their shoulder, from which the gun was fired.

If you have a question, and chose to ask - be prepared to hear the answer. Why make a mockery of the answer and me? - There was nothing to speak if the question was not asked! - Balls!

Mediocrity reigns and I am tired of people who in general know only one world - 'their world" and make a mockery of everything else that’s not as per the laws of a fictitious world
You wanna live a real life, get real, there is more than one real world!

Today is one of those moments that I feel like uprooting a few mountains - but, I don’t burn bridges that fast. Hope that moment does not come

- Gyani, cos I have worked hard to get it, and I am grateful to the One above for the same.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Niece - 1 yr old and blogging

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Back Home

I am so happy - After the sharp turns and the rocky roads(?), it feels so wonderful to drive @ a cool 40KMPH (yes 40), blissful to meet and spend time with someone close to your heart -

Its Brilliant!

I am happy :)