Thursday, February 09, 2012

The age of the Googler

When was the last time we really did not google and made up our own damn mind about any issue, or not go with the “popular” data consensus of the first 10 results? I see this degenerate thing of “believing” that if it’s on Google it’s right, or even worse – think that “if it’s not on Google, then its wrong”

Want a sample – try googling, “Is sex real?” – hehehhe, and Voila you will get some really bad links, but the point is, we just skip past the question and even ignore it. Now let’s google – “Are women idiots?” - and yes before you can reach for my throat, yes, google “Are Men Idiots” too, and yes, you can have rather strong arguments about each, with psycho analysis, and based on what you want (being male or female), the data magically seems to build up – while we know that the intent of the questions could have been much different that the way they are worded.

Now with the “data”, again we forget why the question was asked, and go down the path of glorious distractions, and finally endup in yotube?

My question is – Are we not losing the sense and sensibility of own, collective wisdom to actually think through a question before taking the cheque to Google, and I can see my own head degenerate on deeper topics, for we do not have time to discuss, but seem to have ample time to “google”, and not all the right data is there in the WWW. This almost instills a fear that the next set of kidos would completely be suckers for online data, and what they really exposed are tons of garbage.

Yes- wait, the logical brigade of – there is so much more useful information!!! – The point is “more is not what’s important, what’s relevant is what counts”.

Underlying this entire thought processes, is the simple assumption we live by every day, that there is “good” in the numbers – and that the through bred wisdom of “democracy” – the vice (yes not voice) of the majority – X% say- something is good, it you have a Million hits (ex: kolavari di – Mass madness – quality eh?), Y% say, something is bad, you have a million hits (ex: go google for them :P) –

This whole philosophy of the numbers is killing the individual self and atlast, I hope I don’t wake up to a day, when someone will take the gun and shoot down people for refusing to hear what s/he wants to say – oh! – did it not already happen / happening everyday – Pity –

Oh yes – this evil has crept right into our work, family, relationships (93% agree to this – authentic data by Dogbert Consulting), and even into the way we look at God – not enough evidence eh ?

@freezedried – will try and blog every day :)