Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dilbert on a hot date!

Achievments and living

'Achievement' is to take the broad canopy of experiences to make an impacting difference to a simple thing.

'Living'(life fully) is to discover and understand, how much depth there is to that apparent simple thing.

Without real achievements, you can never discover living. Without truly living, you can never really achieve anything.

....And yes, there are lots of immaterial achievements (ironically mostly identified by their materialistic value), and there is life in the fast lane, where every one is in a hurry to reach ahead, so that they can enjoy life with the time they worked so hard to save!

To Bliss
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Sunday, April 12, 2009


After being blissful in my own world, exploring, enjoying, crying, cursing, riding, living and having fun by my terms, at last, I guess I fully feel the need for a partner and also now ready to be a partner, and share and look at life ahead along with whoever my partner would be.

Yes on fronts - Spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical.

My blogs reflect my Spiritual, Intellectual and Emotional aspects, and I believe that these are sides of you that don't get built or change overnight. The last aspect - physical - that's what I need to work on.

When I think back, I look at myself in both awe and disgust at the same time - looks like I can shrink and expand by quite a range. But for now, I want to shrink and stay that way. Ya, ppl - you can gift me some nice sports shoes and a new wardrobe, which is 2 sizes smaller. That way I would really have to earn it. (...and some nice Deo's - c'mon, that the only piece of cosmetic, if I can call that, that I use)

Who would that girl be? I don't know. This much I am sure - I will make it count and like I always said - either will get her in the square or I'll be square. No masks, no best foot forward approaches - :-)

To life

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Life @ Business - Part 2

I thought the last post summarized it all, till today morning, till I met another character of his kind (all over again)
  • Rationals understand logic
  • Irrationals love to hear themselves
  • Obtuse keep asking for more data

Never underestimate the power of an obtuse, self proclaimed demi-God with no brains and pseudo balls - first they engage with you, then they frustrate you, and then have the nerve to take glory of fictitious value.