Friday, October 17, 2008

A Surreal Paradox

..and yet again I laugh at the vilest and ancient of paradoxes, that leers even today

..for every time we get caught in an intellectual problem, we seek an answer from the heart and do what the heart says;

..and every time we get stuck in problem that originates out of the heart, we rationalize with the mind

..and in this, life is choked, the heart weeps and the mind drains, and yet again ever so often, we see the same paradox over and over again, right from the time it started in the Garden of Eden, when man thought with the mind for an obedience God demanded of the heart;

..and for the empathy we expect, and a shoulder to crib, when all we really needed was an intellectual solution

…and for the rational solutions we provide for the cries of the heart

..and when we really understand that; dropping these masks we wear, and reaching out to the heart with a heart, and to a mind with a mind, don’t we get moments of eternity right here on Earth? and ain’t not all the fondest of memories we treasure, a testimony to those moments?

..that’s why I guess, the body is left behind and the spirit only goes beyond the other shore, lest we succumb to the eternal paradox for eternity