Saturday, November 21, 2009

I wonder

…And I write after a really looooooooooooooooooong time. So much happened over the last 8 months

  • Tasted recession first hand
  • Mourned along with a few friends in their loss of loved ones
  • Few cousins / friends got married
  • Some good friends became very sick
  • My niece and nephew are growing (fast if I may add)
  • Gained a ‘LOT’ of weight – (yes – I should lose tons)
  • Mind thinks about “Wonder land”

And now, I look ahead and wonder – really wonder, with that sense of wonder, which we seem to loose with every growing day – wonder about a lot of things, and some nice new yearnings, a few sweet nothings about my ‘old ‘ self – all the past years – the gone by days of endless dreams and energy - and I smile seeing “experience” replacing intellectual argument, and solitude replacing ‘spur of the moment’ actions and so on.

Yet – there is that old cerebellum that refuses to sleep, or be satisfied, and it thinks, dreams, questions, asks, fingers and still emits those shimmering sparks, that make me again wonder – and at the end of the day, we all have to deal with the same old bare threads – present, future and past (mostly in that order), and the concoction of various elements that have the most definite impact on those threads – Trust, Faith, Love.

I wonder how these three always come to the foray, and almost always everything else is a subset to these.

I wonder – I like the wonder – I miss the wonder.

P.S: Dedicated to the one who with whom I can share this wonder – my future partner – I don’t know who she is – but – yes – I wonder.