Thursday, December 21, 2006

Live your day

When at 27, should behave 27
When at 18, should behave 18
When at 40, should behave 40

hmmm... sounds a lil odd to say, but true.

We forgot that we behaved just our age till about we were 12 yrs old, and yet we grew!

How come suddenly the equation changed, that behaving ahead of your age became kewl. Just imagine if you behave like a 10 yrs old, when you were 10 months old - hmm, the beauty of being a baby would have been lost.

So, when I am 27 and behave like a 30 yr old, the beauty of being young is lost.

When I behave ahead or behind my age, irrespective of how ppl percieve, we lose the charm of being at that age, at that time - a day gone when I am 27, is a day gone forever.

I believe, somewhere along the growth path, we have exchanged the meaning of "being responsible" to "acting old". "Being responsible does not mean acting old.

Being responsible is being responsible, and thats imbibed over the years of life, upbringing, education, value system and faith. Just be responsible, don't need to act, and win the laurels of a million who really don't matter in the long run.

All that I am saying - Live life, for this day will never come back ever again. Be responsible, so that you will not look on yesterday with a regret, that you did not plan for tomorrow.

If not, the biggest regret will be - I wish I did that when I was young!
Dont confuse being responsible to acting old!

Credits to my dear friend Sam, for some of the thoughts in this.
To life - John

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


One word that really does not alter any thing in life, but sure leaves a few sign posts, and gifts those precious moments to take stock, look back, look ahead, whine, dream, crib, praise and importantly give a gentle knock, of what current "reality" is.

Over my working years - I have seen, how this 'appraisal' thing works - seen people crash into reality, zoom off into self righteous oblivion, kill confidence, give wings to fly - all in all - it does something (good or bad being relative).

As an apraisee, had some wonderful moments (all wonderful in their own truest sense), and have helped me move ahead (either leap further, or pull out from a dungeon), and the change over time was good.

As an appriaser, had some wonderful moments too - helped build a few careers, threw off and cleaned some stuff, advice, help, reprimand, and mutually learn.

So far it looked good, till, the way I see how this thing is handled at where I work now - One word - Appalling!

The following are the things I hate about it here, right now:
  1. It's a favour to be done, at best a duty to be fulfilled
  2. Neither process nor the person are important (till now, the worst place I thought was, one which was a sucker for process or people alone, Ahem!)
  3. There are no sign posts that you can take back or look forward too - just another intellectual orgasm, or depending on the mood - pleasurable or painful
  4. Use 'process' to not answer a few straight questions, and 'people' to not answer a few cryptic ones - all it all - there are no answers, and the questions are neither appreciated.

If there are no answers, no questions, no real job to be done, just a favour, no sign posts to look forward to, then why this whole thing called "Appraisal".

The paradox - this still taught something :) Time to move on! - Hopeless Optimist I say!

Rules of the Market

  • You are a loser till you Win!
  • Speculation is not reality
  • What if - is the dirtiest word on the market
  • How can - is ridiculous
  • Patience is an absolute virtue - You don't have patience, get out!
  • Only invest half of your potential
  • Show courage when most tempting to quit
  • Quit when most tempting to get more
  • Knowledge is Power

Monday, December 11, 2006

Dalal Street Bleeds

Whoa! what a day!

It bled all up to my desk :-P

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Correction to the Reward Post

iPods like Girl friends and wives are meant to be loved, not to be understood!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Somebody left a print of this on my desk - Informers to the author will be suitably rewarded.

Girl friends and wives are meant to be loved, not to be understood!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

And a new day!

The best part of a new day, is "new"

..where you can get past dark nights, and yester years - with a renewed faith that the day will bring in, it's share of joys, highs, learnings and its lows too. What I choose to do with this day, is there for me at the start of the day on a platter.

I wanna take this day, as another gift-of-the-present, get by the past, not really killing today for tomorrow, and just be myself. Give myself just the way I am, and take another self, that's willing to just give what it wants.

To Life - John

Sunday, December 03, 2006

How Sam Describes Me..

  • Intelligent
  • Articulate
  • Database of trivia
  • Sense of humour (Sharp / Word Play / Referential)
  • Hyderabadi
  • Determined when you set your mind to something
  • Hard to define
  • Easy to know
  • Easy to like
  • Easy to hate
  • Easily help
  • Easily collect friends
  • Equally difficult to fall in love
  • Work on the principle that you'll like people unless they prove themeselves unlikeable
  • Careful
  • Calculating
  • Cannot be taken at face value
  • Can be depended upon to get a job done
  • Polite
  • Well brought up
  • Dabbler in a million things
  • Good at your profession
  • Generous
  • Intellectually driven
  • Eager to try new stuff
  • Bored by convention
  • Irritated by the concept of being tied down
  • Elusive
  • Clever with words, people and things
  • Would do anything for those in the close circle
  • Know people better than they know you
  • Intensely private
  • Pride yourself on rarely getting carried away
  • Intensely upset with yourself if you do
  • Dabble in stocks
  • Read voraciously
  • Perfect gentleman
  • Definitely knows how to treat a girl
  • Puts aside pride/ego/self with the people you love
  • When there is a conflict - Moves closer to solve


walking through the darkness alone
there is a universe I've known
shiny stars and beautiful sights
rainbows I miss, amidst misty eyes, fading lights

It wasn't that the universe crashed
Its the eyes I miss, to see the same
of what pain, and broken trust
I wish, I wish, I wish Time had frozen
no springs in desert
no tears in heaven
Yet we chase springs in the desert
and theorise about tears in heaven

Fallen down, broken, and shattered
hope shimmers, spirit battered
Yet, the universe spins it course
pain, love and faith - never ending , their discourse

walking through the darkness alone
there is a universe I've known
shiny stars and beautiful sights
shooting stars, wishes I make amidst frights

wading in darkness, a step at a time
little innocuous one I am, before the great expanse, and the might one
I bow in defeat, I bow in shame, next time
Thy will be done, oh my Mighty one

Love, where are you?
Must lose the You, to get the “I”
You get the I, don't loose the “you”
Else, you will be all alone as “I”

walking through the darkness alone
there is a universe I've known
shiny stars and beautiful sights
rainbows I miss, amidst misty eyes, fading lights

Dedicated to myself - to everything - John

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Today is the worst day in my life - Never felt so shattered, so lost and so wrecked.
From one moment of absolute happiness, to a moment that pushed me into the Abyss -

I lost to myself!

I only hope, cos some of the best things in life are not deserved, they are given. I received, I gave, but lost it all !