Saturday, March 31, 2007

Wired World

I am up early (the body clock does not know it's a Saturday) and I guess I am a little too addicted to the wired world - It's amusing that you wake up, and want to clear your head before meeting real people, but straight out zoom into the wired world.

You check mails - you know that you would not have got any (you just checked 7 hours ago) - I don't get many mails, cos I don't write many mails - and alas no Spam to clean either! These mailing marketing agencies are not working efficiently :P

Blog - Hmm, the best part of this is - its your own blog - you can do what ever you like. So I decide, hmmm let me blog and start the day.

Read all the drafts - the ones that for reasons of sociability or privacy which have not been published, and I sigh reading them, cos - they are some of the best - but, no real point publishing them now - the straight ones will not make sense as you chose to play the nice boy in a jinxed moment, and the sweet ones will not make sense, as you chose to play the 'private & intimate' role.

It's with disdain I see myself hooked to this wired world - I rather prefer real people to this, but are there really any 'real' people who are not hiding behind some veil all the time.

For the present, the wired world almost seems that it has run out of any offerings - music is boring, chat is boring, surfing is boring, googling is boring, hacks and downloads are boring, more e-books are boring, online cartoon strips are boring, jokes are boring....

Hmm, I guess humans still are interesting - there is always something left to discover in the one you know so much - will get unplugged and check out humans - but, the real ones are either wired (should check all other blogs) or don't have time for me (they are chasing humans too I guess), the others are boring too!

Friday, March 30, 2007

the smile is back

All that it takes, sometimes is to just be there, not fret, not think, let go(of yourself), just stand by, with a faith that HE knows the future, has planned for the best, not flog yourself, and begin thinking of how things could have been or why?

I am a guy who never asks WHY? but cannot sleep without the WHAT being answered. I remember saying this to Arjun - Align the When, against the WHAT, Why evolves!

I guess sometimes, life is squeezed into becoming myopic by us, that the only thing that you choose to see, is the immediate ramification possible in the near future (paradoxically against the whole realm of past + future), we just become blind.

Anyways, after the last couple of weeks and all the rampage on self and blog, and a few unfortunate souls around me, I am back to what I am - the happy johnnie - I guess, I just cannot be sad for long - Just can't be - the wheels are moving - a new sense of discipline in thought, words and deeds - a fresh pumped energy of looking forward.

As one of my friends said - John - You are at the threshold of something really BIG - I guess, I ran a lil too fast trying to make things happen, and then recoiled into apathy- Now, I stand with a clear head, a clear heart and renewed purpose - Here I come !

I can see the ONE above almost chuckling, and a few others around me smiling with a smug - I am proud that I am not right all the time - if it was that way, life would be boring.

Peace renders to sloth(ness), its only the battle that brings and retains the best.

The BEST is yet to come - just the first rays of a beaming sun.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pragmatism Vs Realism

To Kavita, my sister and valiant warrior

Pragmatism is based on reason and logic, while being realistic is based on a set of facts and most possible outcomes (in cold words, a set of equations that render themselves to the realistic outcome – It’s a mathematical certainty). Being pragmatic involves the 'will' to be, while realistic is given the current variables, is the most realistic outcome.

The sad factor in dealing with pragmatics and realistic(s) is that, pragmatics see realistic(s) as hung and haggled upon, while realistic(s) mock the logic of being pragmatics, for in essence pragmatics deny that it was a decision of the will, but make it appear as the most sensible thing to do.

The best part of this – Pragmatics I guess bring a balance in the environment by peaceful coexistence, and realistic(s) upset this peace and give more food for thought - in the process – thought, people and species evolve.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Why ?

Life is simple, and straight, as long as we choose to abide by the simple and straight rules of life!

Why is it that we are so bent on complicating life?
Why can't we take things at face value?
Why can't we live, like there is no tomorrow?
Why can't we stop borrowing from yesterday's baggage?
Why can't we love, in a way that you have nothing but more love to give?
Why can't we just be ourselves?
Why can't we not stop dreaming?

So many questions in my head that are bombarding and stolen my peace. Why?

I may not get all the answers myself, but down on my knees, I get an assurance, and in those cradled arms, anxiety melts - The feeling that I can win when I am on my knees, and that I am loved the most, in the cradled arms, makes me look ahead through this gloomy phase.

~ an old post - with a minor difference - no cradled arms

Thank God, India's out of World Cup

Taken from ET - I love this article

There’s a brighter side to India’s exit from the World Cup. Something that can cheer up disappointed fans and angry advertisers. Sri Lanka has done a great favour to Indian economy by ousting the cricket team from the World Cup. There are about 80 million cable and satellite viewing homes in India.

According to TAM ratings, the average viewership of all World Cup matches held till now stands at about 3%, with India vs Bangladesh touching a high of 7.25%. To reach the finals, India would have played at least seven more matches.

Considering a TV Rating of 7.25%, at least 5.8 million people would have watched the match. This would have resulted in a productivity loss of 371.2 million man hours (5.8 million x 8 hours x 8 matches), apart from stress faced by mothers during exams.

About 3% of 81 million TV viewers (2.4 million) were ardent cricket fans and would have sat through all eight hours in the remaining 28 matches. Thus overall, Indian team’s ouster would result in a productivity gain of 481 million man hours of work (28x2.4x8 man hours), if put to use.

The Sri Lankans have given a boost to the Indian economy by saving 54,902 man years of work (one year = 8,761 hours). Indians can build seven phases of the Golden Quadrilateral connecting Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai spread over 5,846 kilometres all over again, with this time saved.

A daily wage skilled labourer in Delhi earns Rs 17 per hour. If put to productive use, the 481 million man hours can produce Rs 817 crore of GDP, which is 63% more than BCCI’s annual revenues of Rs 500 crore, last year. It’s 401% more than the Rs 163 crore losses, corporate India has predicted to incur due India’s ouster.

The state electricity boards are also thanking Sri Lanka for the great favour. A TV consumes 45 watts per hour. Assuming a viewer will now switch off his TV by 12 midnight, it will save Rs 135 watts at least per viewer (not considering the electricity consumed by other appliances running simultaneously.)

This will save the electricity boards 324 million watts of electricity ( 3.24 lakh kilowatts) in just 28 days. According to estimates, SEB losses in India will touch Rs 1 lakh crore by 2008.
If disappointed viewers completely switch off their TVs for eight hours, it will save the government at least 8,64,000 kilowatts, along with many more lives — at least three Indian citizens have been reported to die due to cardiac arrest or suicide after India’s defeat at the hands of Sri Lanka.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The paradox of time

Why am I posting this - As a reminder to myself to be there! thats all
All others - Don't read beyond the headline - If you still do read - hmmmm - you
might wanna post one for yourself too - no copyrights violated!

I guess, when you feel the need most - to speak to someone, even the inner circle of friends, are either busy, not interested in speaking, or just avoid for reasons valid to them at this point in time.

Most battles in life, I had to fight alone! when it mattered - somehow the scene emptied itself - this set me thinking - John - were you there, when it mattered to someone who needed you -

My memory says - barring people who dinn bother to ask or call or hint, for the people who mattered, I was there at any point without questions asked except on 3 occasions! I wonder though how much those 3 occasions meant to the people in context.

Last 10 calls, 5 SMS - 1 response from the most unlikely guy !

How Peaceful Are You Quiz

You Are 69% Peaceful

You are a very peaceful person. All is good in your world, no matter what's going on.
Occasionally you let your problems get to you, but you generally remain upbeat.
Your inner strength is inspirational - much more so than you may realize.

What Emoticon Best Represents You Right Now?

Your Emoticon is Sad

You're feeling a tad depressed right now. It will likely pass soon, but for now, you need some major cheering up!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

What Kind Of Friend Are You?

You Are A Good Friend

You're always willing to listen
Or lend a shoulder to cry on
You're there through thick and thin
Many people consider you their "best friend"!

How Rare Is Your Personality

Your Personality is Very Rare (INTP)

Your personality type is goofy, imaginative, relaxed, and brilliant.

Only about 4% of all people have your personality, including 2% of all women and 6% of all men
You are Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving.

What Extreme Sport Should You Try

You Should Try Heli Skiing

Untouched powder, challenging runs...
Perfect for seasoned ski bums!

What's your love style?

Your Love Style is Eros

For you, love is all about the passion!
And chances are, you're currently in love.
You have a strong physical response to love...
And you are great at committing
(As long as the person makes your toes curl!)

What do people envy about you?

People Envy Your Confidence

You have the attitude and self esteem to take on anything. Failure is beyond not an option for you - it doesn't even cross your mind.
People envy your ability to take on any challenge ... and they're secretly afraid you think you're better than them. You don't. You're just sure of yourself.

Are you a good cook?

You Are a Creative Cook

Your cooking is unusual, inspired, and definitely one of a kind. People love your unique style, but you've had your share of kitchen flops.
You have the makings of a cult chef. You may not cook at the Four Seasons, but you could have your own little funky cafe in San Francisco!

Are You Spoiled

You Are 16% Spoiled

You are definitely not spoiled. You've worked hard for what you have.
Down to earth and grounded, you don't need a lot to make you happy.

How Aquarius Are You?

You are 87% Aquarius

Whats your religious philosophy?

You are a Believer

You believe in God and your chosen religion.
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What Type of Weather Are You?

You Are Rain

You can be warm and sexy. Or cold and unwelcoming.
Either way, you slowly bring out the beauty around you.

You are best known for: your touch

Your dominant state: changing

How Much Envy Do You Have

Your Envy Quotient: 9%

Envious? You? No way!
You're happy with what you've got going on, and what someone else has doesn't change that.
When people succeed, you are happy for them. You know you'll get yours eventually!

Do you follow your head or heart?

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You're rational, collected, and logical.
Generally, it takes you quite a while to fall in love.
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Your Hidden Talent

Your Hidden Talent

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How Daring Are You

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Others find you exciting, inspiring, and a bit intimidating.

You're biggest challenge at this point is trying to top yourself!

Friday, March 23, 2007

down the memory lane

When you stop dreaming (I mean the sleep dream kinds), your cerebellum being a compulsive dreamer, starts swinging in a pandemonium, oscillating between memory lane and ‘forged’ future.

Down the memory lane, I see

  • Sister’s first day of school
  • My first day at school
  • Younger sister cradled
  • Younger sister dead
  • First girl friend carrying my bag and lunch
  • First sofa
  • First Almarah
  • Summer vacations
  • Hordes of cousins
  • Aunty married
  • Me behind the camera lens
  • 16 MM projector
  • Temple pranks
  • 1.2 KV generator
  • Self proclaimed mechanic
  • Scooter
  • Youngest baby to cradle (1 hour old)
  • Adventure club
  • Pen pal club (ya… I was actually in a pen pal club hahhahah)
  • Rock band
  • Memory verse champion
  • Sunday School
  • Football
  • Board Exams
  • Gang fight
  • Books (O Henry, Henry David Thoreau, abridged classics, Tintin, Spiderman)
  • High school sweetheart
  • First Kiss
  • The rise of the rebel
  • Books (psychology, kinestics, chaos theory, Darwin, all classics)
  • Odd jobs
  • Young detective
  • Walk out of home
  • Walk out of exams
  • Bike
  • Internet enthusiast
  • Despondent GF
  • University
  • Zealous Christian
  • Biggest Failure (for all), sweet victory for me (in failure)
  • Books (Kant, Nietzsche, Shakespeare, Milton, Lewis, GK Chesterton)
  • First paper (optics)
  • BARC
  • MBA entrances
  • First Job
  • PM @ 21 – Cocky and correct
  • CII – first taste of creating money
  • Hacking
  • Anti porn activist
  • Freelance
  • My own diamonds
  • Books (Gyaan mgmt unlimited)
  • Parents Silver Jubilee
  • MBA
  • Bhopal
  • More papers in progress
  • LMS – International assignments
  • Peace maker
  • Sister’s marriage
  • Shrouded relationship
  • Mumbai
  • Ivana
  • Business consulting
  • Delhi
  • Blogs
  • Car
  • Himalayas
  • Awards
  • Behind the scenes
  • Appreciation, more appreciation
  • The piped piper
  • Fiddler on the roof
  • Best relationship
  • Vizag
  • Demographics
  • Best Friend
  • New business line

'forged' future

  • IVY league
  • US / Europe
  • Marriage?
  • fast cars
  • PHD
  • Entrepreneur
  • VP
  • Apologist
  • Gyan Guru / Strategist
  • Musician
  • Books (Negative Slack theory, Magnetic Resonance, A few fiction)
  • 35 ?

Sleep - Poem from yester years

hmm.. the bet was to use some ... whatever...

drooping eyes, darkening sight..
the mind awake to newest aims
"will" that ain't bow, lest loose; honor claims
am I the first,or the last? compete compete compete - thats all for an insight

seeing the sun, the stars fled..
time for everything and none for nothing -kills
"brightness" that conquereth. darkeness the spells
the circle continues, who chose whom and who'd fled?

bees unto daisies, dew unto mountains
one wanted and another to be wanted
"Love" that aint hurt, strife that love tainted
to grow or to fall, (to) from heights of mountains

drooping eyes, darkening sight..
reasoning weakens, and breating slows
"will" that loses, sleep that blows
am I the first,or the last? every one sleeps - thats all for an insight

Sleep - Quote of the day

Sleep is the state of being unconscious for a while, so that you can wake up to a happy consciousness –

Then there are idiots, who stay awake, so very conscious about every thing, and think that, they can better consciousness itself – The yester generation called them “philosophers”, my generation calls them “morons”

~ John 2007

its 2318

its 2318, and I am tired, fatigued, feel spent

I am tired of being nice, accommodate, being upright, running, hearing, talking, advising.... just tired... business, money, plans, house, friends, relatives, frienships, all

Want lots of pampering, unconditional love and just bear me cranky for once a while... I am just tired

even sleep is upset with me...


The rationale of reason

Have been rather pensive for a couple of days and finally reason shone, much to my dismay as a paradox – Here it comes...

The problem with logic and rationale is that, at the end, you need to balance it out – in the process, what we take with one hand, is given out through the other! Point in fact – The core issue or if I may borrow the heavy word – the quintessential meaning of the thought is reasoned out, and a decision is arrived, by subject to the will or faith, by the view point or the general state of disposition we choose.

Every thing is as much or more, a subject of the will, and reason, logic & critique therefore of anything is just about to get us to a sublimated state of apparent comfort in thought.

Rationality broods rationalism (~sans experience), and rationalism begets reason, and reason subdues the will – the will laughs, saying – you ‘will(ed)’ at the beginning to be rational.

Humility - Quote of the day

You cannot really be humble until you have seen the grandeur of what’s possible, and beyond

~ John 2007

Thursday, March 22, 2007

All in one lifetime!

hmm... Malcom Muggeridge's view about the 20th century - I wonder - How true! -

Are we heading to a shrinked version of this - in retrospect - feel already so much in half a lifetime (will publish my version of this a lil later) - Here comes the original...

We look back upon history, and what do we see? Empires rising and falling. Revolutions and Counterrevolutions. Wealth accumulated and wealth disbursed. Shakespeare has written of the rise and fall of great ones, that ebb and flow with the moon. I look back upon my own fellow countrymen, once upon a time dominating a quarter of the world, most of them convinced, in the words of what is still a popular song, that the God who made them mighty, shall make them mightier yet.

I've heard a crazed, cracked Austrian announce to the world the establishment of a Reich that would last a thousand years. I have seen an Italian clown say he was going to stop and restart the calendar with his own ascension to power. I've heard a murderous Georgian brigand in the Kremlin, acclaimed by the intellectual elite of the world as wiser than Solomon, more humane than Marcus Aurelius, more enlightened than Ashoka.

I have seen America, wealthier and in terms of military weaponry, more powerful than the rest of the world put together, so that had the American people so desired, they could have outdone a Caesar, or an Alexander in the range and scale of their conquests.

All in one lifetime, all in one lifetime, all gone. Gone with the wind.

England part of a tiny island off the coast of Europe, threatened with dismemberment and even bankruptcy. Hitler and Mussolini dead, remembered only in infamy. Stalin a forbidden name in the regime he helped found and dominate for some three decades. America haunted by fears of running our of those precious fluids that keeps their motorways roaring, and the smog settling, with troubled memories of a disastrous campaign in Vietnam, and the victories of the Don Quixotes of the media as they charged the windmills of Watergate.

All in one lifetime, all in one lifetime, all gone. Gone with the wind.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Newer definitions of success

Quite a few friends are getting married, and my parents are also on the hunt- Key elements that are considered success factors in this circus (by both sides):
  1. Engineer / Doctor
  2. 6 or approaching 7 Digit salary (per month .....hahahahah)
  3. Own house
  4. Sedan
  5. Sibilings married and settled
  6. MNC Job
  7. US / Europe Job permits
  8. Consistent 10 pointers
  9. God's will (ya after all those above points, you think god will have a problem - ya right)
Extract from a leading book with respectable data collection and analysis

What Girls want from Guys (in order of importance / success factors)
  1. Personality
  2. Humor
  3. Sensitivity
  4. Brains

What Guys want from Girls (in order of importance / success factors)

  1. Personality
  2. Good Looks
  3. Brains
  4. Humor

suprising that the success factor set does not appear anywhere - hmm - Whatever!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Quality lies in the finer detail

The prerogative of processed thought is that – it’s a long unwinding path to dissect and get to the core of anything, and all along the path, you learn a lot about the finer detail, and when the reconstruct happens – the same thoughts, truths and objects are seen in a completely new realm – and you hear people speaking an alien language about the same simple thing.

For a long time, I always wondered, why those paintings by the great masters are auctioned at such obscene prices, and how those skimpy looking rags worn at a fashion show get so much publicity, and how that skinny looking babe is devoured (~praised) by so many onlookers, and how come a few students all in an IQ / EQ / SQ range of less than 5 percentile between them still shine through, and an average batsmen suddenly over the years appears as the best one in the world, and our best friends / partners in life are the ones who all, on the outside are really not very different, but some still make a huge difference, and I state this now with an absolute conviction - quality lies (hidden) in the finer detail.

Walking by the gallis (lanes) in Hyderabad – you find POP cast statues of elegant English women of the 18th century – you have quite a range – can get one similar for as low as Rs 10 to as high as to a haughty 5 digit figures in the gallery – Now what’s the difference – It's rather evident – The finish, the attention to detail, the quality of material, the workmanship, the craftsmanship and that little thing just screams – Own me!

Over the years, I have seen myself grow from a happy indulgent guy, who cracked on the best deals on look-alikes to now rejecting fine pieces of original work for a simple reason – They just don’t entice me enough with the finesse!

In a brilliant conversation with my friend a couple of days back – a contrast was drawn between Price Vs value, and approach vs finish – and that set me thinking, and quite a few things have really changed about me.

Let me start with the obvious:

Shopping – I demand finesse and originality in contrast to any object that can suffice the need. I always thought a brand really fleeced and its irrational – it took about 2-3 yrs to really see a lil beyond the obvious that the small lil cuts, the positioning of just another button, the 2 invisible threads in a shirt, the lil touch of purple on a pink box all really make a huge difference, and someone is claiming a fair pay for it, and of course you can literally feel the difference

Money – The respect for money has increased over the years, especially when I see, that what I take for granted as a trivial expense, can make a mountain of a difference in someone else’s life. Life is to be lived both planned and unplanned – and at the end of the day – sleep not really worrying too much about tomorrow, and not loose sleep worrying about a million investments that you made yesterday – the more you earn, the more caring you need to be – and yes, be financially independent and have securities that ensure you don’t lose that independence even in the worst of invasions.

People @ Work – I demand intelligence and wisdom if you claim to be at a certain level, and demonstrate it at every thing at that level - else you are written off for a simple reason – You are not the one you claim to be! Not Darwin, but Straight and this has always worked in the long run. I don’t believe in killing people for what they are not, but after a certain point, will not carry them along as baggage, and they will be told the same in straight words.

People @ family – I have become more nuclear with my definition of family, and all others of a lineage fall outside the nuclear definition – to a point – they are all the same – good people, same blood, relatives, settled, well wishers etc – but the detail does not go beyond that - most times wonder, how different are they to me to any other stranger I bump along the way

People in life (love , friends, relationships) – This is one thing that really dinn change much - What really matters to me is just the fine detail – the lil unnoticed things in life, the lil reactions, the lil sweet nothings, the lil firm grounds, the lil spankings, the lil kissies, the lil huggies and all the lil things – else – People in general are about studies, family, career, stability and how different are they anyway? Would anyone of us be an intimate friend / fall in love with anyone – nope right – the lil details matter

The finer the details are, the more elaborate the requirements seem to be – I end with a question – once you have crossed over to the finer side of details, can you really come back and accept any look alike of lesser intricacy – the answer is yes – but, a cost is always paid.

Everything comes at a cost – for a finer object that is in line with your expectations – you pay a huge cost upfront, and the cost is recovered in ‘satisfaction’ over time – (OR) – You accept anything at a lesser cost, and work on making it an object of finesse and keep paying a cost for a long time, and in reality – can you really change it?

The prerogative of processed thought is that – it’s a long unwinding path to dissect and get to the core of anything, and all along the path, you learn a lot about the finer detail, and when the reconstruct happens – the same thoughts, truths and objects are seen in a completely new realm – and you hear people speaking an alien language about the same simple thing.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

20,000 sq ft of pure MALE stuff

hmm.... the first hoarding you see as soon as you enter the parking lot at Bangalore Airport...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

One of the best arguments on "absolutes"

People who reject absolute standards of right and wrong are often inconsistent. When they think they are being treated unfairly, they appeal to a standard of justice that they expect everyone to adhere to.

A philosophy professor began each new term by asking his class, “Do you believe it can be shown that there are absolute values like justice?” The free-thinking students all argued that everything is relative and no single law can be applied universally. Before the end of the semester, the professor devoted one class period to debate the issue. At the end, he concluded, “Regardless of what you think, I want you to know that absolute values can be demonstrated. And if you don’t accept what I say, I’ll flunk you!” One angry student got up and insisted, “That’s not fair!” “You’ve just proved my point,” replied the professor. “You’ve appealed to a higher standard of fairness.”

Sunday, March 11, 2007

..after the disdain

..started the day with a lengthy post, and now ending it with maybe another lengthy one.

5 mins late to church – hmm - Sunday School, snacks, hearing to confessions of 3 love stories in the youth – for once I was just a silent listener, and at the end gave 2 lines of advice when asked – Just watch out and don’t neglect your career – you are just too young !!! (22 for a guy, I guess is young)

I am always excited at the thought of staying home alone or live alone (well till I get married) and really believe that a guy should spend a couple of years (the least one year) alone, fending for himself – alone = not with 3 other roomies, 2 servants… just alone – Cos it teaches a lot – anyways – today, I was not excited at the thought of eating alone, going home and cook, and hmm… called a friend – asked….abey lunch ? The sweet fellow was rather happy to have company himself, and off we head to a nice lil Punjabi restaurant –

Hmm what a choice of a restaurant - (1 KM from sisters house – if only she knew I was in the neighbourhood ! – anyways – no real damage done, cos I am perceived as the moody loner that hates family bonding in general, esp when it comes to fending for myself, for a single or a couple of days, when parents are not home) – but there were some real nice things –

The typical punjabi restaurant, dimmed by thick curtains and flashed with zero watt lamps, to give it the feeling of a chandelier lit halls, ACs at full vent, and every waiter trained to respond within 1/8th of a second.

Standard food – Butter Naan, Punjabi Spl Chicken, Jeera Rice, Mineral water – all appear on the table in 6 minutes after placing the order (low spice please!) – now here is where the cookie crumbles – the only thing that your brain screams after 2 morsels – Curd, Coke / Thums Up. Now, for a few good reasons, I stopped aerated drinks, and almost forgot them – anyways – 2 thums up – and we get these 2 lil chota thums up –

I have almost forgotten these cute lil thingies – such a pleasure to see them..

Now.. 2 bored boys together - chal lets watch the sickest movie of all - and we land up at this new multiplex – watch – “okkadunnadu” – a non famous telugu flick – now I am tempted to really really write a review on this – but naaaaaaah - the whole story is - Villian has a heart pacer, for some strange reason, outside his body, connected to a trolley, needs a live heart from a similar “Bombay blood group” - well, don’t ask me what “Bombay” blood group is – it must be specially created for dons, and hero(s) who can kill 90 of the dons men without losing the shine on the shoes (leather) – anyways - hero on a mission to rescue dad from a banking loss, arrives in Mumbai to sell his guest house, spotted by Don’s gang as the only hope to get a new heart (literally) to the don, tries to kill him., escapes, tries to kill again, escapes, tries to kill again, escapes, tries to kill again, escapes, tries to kill again, escapes, tries to kill again, escapes, tries to kill again, escapes, (ya and every time, almost wiped out all the gang, but still appear in the next fight!!), and finally, kicks the Don, takes 200 Crores in 2 bags, and walks..err runs…err..jogs out of the Don’s den –

Yes, Heroine is there – but dunno why – not really beautiful, no acting, bad dialogues, and…hmm.. she must have been selected, for having probably the next flattest midriff after Ileana (no real comparison), and good bust line for a slender body (cmon guys…the movie was so boring),…and pls, can all the telugu heros stop appearing bare chested (err with 3 kilos of unkempt hair) esp, when they neither have a six pack or the least when they carry a nice lil tyre around them!! (dunno about how girls react, but we guys get embarrassed toooooooo) – End of review – there is nothing really to write.

To wash off this feeling of whatever, hit the race track, sweet smell of burnt rubber – Runway 9 - clocked my best time so far – and 3 all best on this track till date – phew…feels nice –

Head out to the guys place, watch Kal Ho Na Ho for 10 mins…head home – wait for dad – cook…now blog

What a day – still a lil left – talk and catch up with friend dearest and hit the sac.


I like to wake up, step into the balcony, stare at an empty blue sky, see the colors change in the magnificent morning sky, and breathe lung fulls of fresh cool air – and slowly the brain starts diffusing, and gets rolling with all the various gears catching up on speed.

I wake up today to the call of dad to be dropped off at Railway station, to filling water, and waiting for the servant to turn up, and hmm .. the wired addict that I am, got online – same new story – No mails (I don’t mail anyone much, but somehow always check, and there is always enough spam to clean), don’t wanna see office stuff, bored of surfing, checked out what’s playing / happening in town, read a few blogs, log into messenger – none you really wanna speak (observed that the friends online is to a few you can count – the same few I guess who have no better life than me – ONLINE on a Sunday morning or Saturday night !!), tempted to go down memory lane, wanted to scribble most important things to do in the next 6 months (have some things in mind) – dinn wanna make life a project plan – work is enough for scientific, heartless objective planning to be executed like a synchronized ballet), sweet sister calls – Breakfast - Lunch – Come over ? what plans ? – catches me with cold answers!, Need for Speed is boring (need the new sidewinder kit hmm..), thought of calling a few, why bother sweet sleeping souls?, read a book – ahan – not so early, no Tom & Jerry or Popeye or Duck Tales at this hour on TV, News channels suck (where is the news? – I don’t want to know why the ministers dog started pissing on the sofa, or why some lady changed her bust size, or why some idiot got married for the 5th time to a 3rd timer, and got caught making out with his ex girl friend and …., or understand the non-existent nitty-gritty of the worlds largest Democratic country, or watch how senseless the sensation news are), discovered 2 old classmates on orkut – left a comment saying “Whoa – you blossomed into a beautiful woman – don’t know how she’ll react (married btw), the last image I had, was her with braces, and unkempt hair exactly 14 yrs ago!”, did some work on the paper I have been working on for quite sometime –

Reality knocks – Servant not come – maybe do the dishes and clean the kitchen – don’t like the idea of walking into house in the afternoon to a messed up kitchen – 40 mins more, and need to be @ church – take bath, brush, cook and eat something? Shave ? – hmm ..nah – (sure mom & sis will check at some part of the day whether I have gone to church – never really understood this part – even as a teenager (my most rebellious years), never bunked church !! – Whatever!)

Plan for the day – hmmm nothing

1. Long Drive
Car is in the workshop – Alternator belt out, and the transmission pulley should be out – and the bracket jammed – takes the trained TATA engineer 45 mins to arrive to this conclusion (the first thing I told them when I called asking the car to be towed) – while its bloody obvious screaming itself – either I am too smart or the mechanics are too trained.

Anyways, since my car is out in the garage – don’t really feel like driving long in the Sumo – steal friends red car of the day? ;) – wash the bike? Walk? Hitch rides just for the heck of it? (should try and hitch rides, and see if any girl will actually offer a ride – esp after all the long daunting celebrated women’s day – if any girl does offer – she’ll be surprised with a nice lil cute gift from me!)

2. Check out any good movie
Hmm - sad – none that really make you think they are worth a flick – hmm
No theatre (I mean theatre – drama, play kinds) in hyd – Miss Mumbai sooooooooooo much of this one thing

3. Happy hour pubbing
I don’t drink – all drunkards are married, and happy hours definition is changed

4. Watch TV –
Sister will be happy to read this – from a John who could kill a day before the TV – hardly can stand it more than 30 mins now for the last 2 yrs – hmm…bet she does not know this !

5. Blog –
That’s what I am doing now –

6. Hack my company’s website
Hee ehehehhehehh that’s sounds like fun – but, they are not worth it – and besides I am not a hacker anymore - last hack – 2000 October - database hack for MBA friend – sure the technology should have changed 6 times over – I feel like a dud – real technology dud

7. Strum the Guitar –
Hmm….nice – need to get back to better strumming days - how I loved strumming in school – best music days I suppose – now more like the dead whiny dog – will get a new music life

8. Read a book –
Quite sometime since any new book has glued me to the chair – either by the intellect challenge or the sheer captivating non-sense of it –
Will finish the small mountain of borrowed books and start returning all the books I borrowed –

9. Pedicure / Manicure / Massage / Haircut / ……
Hmm… need one – not today

10. Give Gyan –
Arjun will be surprised – stopped giving gyan unless asked – but still keep killing people with randon seemingly unconnected tid bits about everything, and based on their reactions, they can get some real stuff – else lots of seemingly unconnected tid bits.

Why Arjun - Last Guy I really gave gyan freely and no nonsense included -
At present, all other Gyan is behind closed doors in conference rooms (after all I am paid for it), and to a few friends who really ask.

11. Date with God
Hmm – he’ll be bored with me – not a very interesting specimen I am

12. Blind Date
Hey, does this happen? Hmm…. All the flashy mags atleast say so…. Anyways, not the poster boy – so the girl will be disappointed till she speaks - if she can stay put and speak for 15 mins - boy – she’ll forget how I look and see beyond the face

13. Sync the phone with comp and check out if Voice dialing, voice sms, mails, blah blah…all those hated features by girls and turn on for guys really work on my phone

Now time to move my ass out – 20 mins to brush, bathe, iron and appear at church - don’t wanna be the bad boy when mom / sis calls (ahhahahahahhahah)

Over and out!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Reason takes over

Anita will be smiling at this post, as she will bet, its the pattern of John's thought processes and life in general -

Sam will read this and will heave a sigh - hmm -

Arjun - Bro - I agree

Kavita - Sister dearest will think - why does this idiot need to reason everything in life - life ain't as complicated as he makes it to be -

A few other souls have these reactions - not naming them as, they don't like blogging, or revealing their identities online.

1. Hmm....try connecting a few dots, roused by curiosity, and with a mild toned down thought say - hmm - I wonder / wish he'll do well - actually, may be not
2. Another of Johnny's post, I refuse to read beyond the words, cos I believe, his words are too deep -
3. Warrior in prayer - No more peace about John
4. John -I know what you mean -
5. .......

Now why would a title like "reason takes over" make so many of my friends react in so many ways -

Simple - All of them are distinct and real, and each know me from a very different dimension -

Phew - A treat anywhere to anyone who can get back to me with what I would have penned under a title like this.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Windows contribution to the world!

John : Hey, I can't hear you - Are you travelling, lots of static and wind
Steve: Hello, hmmm
Steve: Hang on - lemme call you back
Tring Tring...
John : Hello
Steve: Can you hear me now?
John : Perfect - Loud and Clear, What have you done, Hands Free?
Steve: Nah - Just hung up / restarted the phone and called back
John : ???
Steve: Dude, its the greatest contribution of Microsoft to this world -Something does not work - Just restart, and work :)


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

critique of pure reason.

....and it is in this very kind of knowledge which transcends the world of the senses, and where experience can neither guide nor correct us, that reason prosecutes its investigations, which by their importance we consider far more excellent and by their tendency far more elevated than anything the understanding can find in the sphere of phenomena. Nay, we risk rather anything, even at the peril of error, than that we should surrender such investigations, either on the ground of their uncertainty, or from any feeling of indifference or contempt.

Now it might seem natural that, after we have left the solid ground of experience, we should not at once proceed to erect an edifice with knowledge which we possess without knowing whence it came, and trust to principles the origin of which is unknown, without having made sure of the safety of the foundations by means of careful examination.

Time is not a discursive, or what is called a general concept, but a pure form of sensuous intuition. Different times are parts only of one and the same time. Representation, which can be produced by a single object only, is called an intuition. The proposition that different times cannot exist at the same time cannot be deduced from any general concept. Such a proposition is synthetical, and cannot be deduced from concepts only. It is contained immediately in the intuition and representation of time.
~ always a pleasure to read Immanuel Kant

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Friday, March 02, 2007

Life Passes By

Everything around you rushes as if in a hurry to finish, everything around you spins, giving the feeling of almost spiraling out of control – and then the moment freezes, you are the center piece and you are watching at yourself at the same time too!

What a feeling! РThere are occasions when these moments become way too long even for a couple of minutes Рoccasions when there is a birthday, one more anniversary, a farewell party, walked into a new job or just about a simple question that hurls you into a pandemonium, swinging in a wild motility of current reality, the pass̩ memories and the imaginary at the same time.

A sudden awakening, that you are so old, when the memories are still so fresh of the mischievous childhood, of the prank that you played in your school, still feel the heat of zest of college days, and the first job just looks like yesterday – and yet, they are only memories so far away in time.

The eyes mist and maybe, that’s the hint that ‘the yesterday’ is really very far, and future suddenly seems very short. It’s all frozen, and yes the cameras roll, the clock moves, everything around rushes to a new pace, and the centrifugal force for a fierce spinning just knocks you off.

At high noon, the shadows disappear” – for a long time, I never understood this statement, and suddenly it dawns, albeit at high noon, not expecting to see any, but dazzling are the shadows sprawled all over!

Another day, one more hour, another minute and the unforgiving second, all just passed by, and seem to run away, away, away.

Should I forget, should I remember, should I create new memories, or just stand frozen, and watch everything rush as if in a hurry to finish, everything around spinning with the feeling of almost spiraling out of control?

Life passes by!