Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pragmatism Vs Realism

To Kavita, my sister and valiant warrior

Pragmatism is based on reason and logic, while being realistic is based on a set of facts and most possible outcomes (in cold words, a set of equations that render themselves to the realistic outcome – It’s a mathematical certainty). Being pragmatic involves the 'will' to be, while realistic is given the current variables, is the most realistic outcome.

The sad factor in dealing with pragmatics and realistic(s) is that, pragmatics see realistic(s) as hung and haggled upon, while realistic(s) mock the logic of being pragmatics, for in essence pragmatics deny that it was a decision of the will, but make it appear as the most sensible thing to do.

The best part of this – Pragmatics I guess bring a balance in the environment by peaceful coexistence, and realistic(s) upset this peace and give more food for thought - in the process – thought, people and species evolve.


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