Thursday, March 08, 2007

Windows contribution to the world!

John : Hey, I can't hear you - Are you travelling, lots of static and wind
Steve: Hello, hmmm
Steve: Hang on - lemme call you back
Tring Tring...
John : Hello
Steve: Can you hear me now?
John : Perfect - Loud and Clear, What have you done, Hands Free?
Steve: Nah - Just hung up / restarted the phone and called back
John : ???
Steve: Dude, its the greatest contribution of Microsoft to this world -Something does not work - Just restart, and work :)



Arjun said...

yeah ctrl-alt-del.... kinda like a solution for everything......

Anonymous said...

when i cant work, i cant restart and work again. i cant work. period. Sarbani

PrashantBatra said...

i wish we could do that with brains... cntrl-alt-del and we wash out any cribs or nonsense that rests in any brain.. my job will be so much easier :)