Sunday, March 25, 2007

The paradox of time

Why am I posting this - As a reminder to myself to be there! thats all
All others - Don't read beyond the headline - If you still do read - hmmmm - you
might wanna post one for yourself too - no copyrights violated!

I guess, when you feel the need most - to speak to someone, even the inner circle of friends, are either busy, not interested in speaking, or just avoid for reasons valid to them at this point in time.

Most battles in life, I had to fight alone! when it mattered - somehow the scene emptied itself - this set me thinking - John - were you there, when it mattered to someone who needed you -

My memory says - barring people who dinn bother to ask or call or hint, for the people who mattered, I was there at any point without questions asked except on 3 occasions! I wonder though how much those 3 occasions meant to the people in context.

Last 10 calls, 5 SMS - 1 response from the most unlikely guy !

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