Friday, March 23, 2007

Sleep - Poem from yester years

hmm.. the bet was to use some ... whatever...

drooping eyes, darkening sight..
the mind awake to newest aims
"will" that ain't bow, lest loose; honor claims
am I the first,or the last? compete compete compete - thats all for an insight

seeing the sun, the stars fled..
time for everything and none for nothing -kills
"brightness" that conquereth. darkeness the spells
the circle continues, who chose whom and who'd fled?

bees unto daisies, dew unto mountains
one wanted and another to be wanted
"Love" that aint hurt, strife that love tainted
to grow or to fall, (to) from heights of mountains

drooping eyes, darkening sight..
reasoning weakens, and breating slows
"will" that loses, sleep that blows
am I the first,or the last? every one sleeps - thats all for an insight

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