Friday, March 30, 2007

the smile is back

All that it takes, sometimes is to just be there, not fret, not think, let go(of yourself), just stand by, with a faith that HE knows the future, has planned for the best, not flog yourself, and begin thinking of how things could have been or why?

I am a guy who never asks WHY? but cannot sleep without the WHAT being answered. I remember saying this to Arjun - Align the When, against the WHAT, Why evolves!

I guess sometimes, life is squeezed into becoming myopic by us, that the only thing that you choose to see, is the immediate ramification possible in the near future (paradoxically against the whole realm of past + future), we just become blind.

Anyways, after the last couple of weeks and all the rampage on self and blog, and a few unfortunate souls around me, I am back to what I am - the happy johnnie - I guess, I just cannot be sad for long - Just can't be - the wheels are moving - a new sense of discipline in thought, words and deeds - a fresh pumped energy of looking forward.

As one of my friends said - John - You are at the threshold of something really BIG - I guess, I ran a lil too fast trying to make things happen, and then recoiled into apathy- Now, I stand with a clear head, a clear heart and renewed purpose - Here I come !

I can see the ONE above almost chuckling, and a few others around me smiling with a smug - I am proud that I am not right all the time - if it was that way, life would be boring.

Peace renders to sloth(ness), its only the battle that brings and retains the best.

The BEST is yet to come - just the first rays of a beaming sun.


Nada said...

johnnnnnnn i love u to bits!!

u know i was feeling a tad down these last two days and ur blog injected me with ur positive energy, your faith, and your relentless optimism...

whirlwind said...

@ Nada
Hey.. happiness is contagious and has not known cure.. watch out

Love you

Xai said...

pamparaaaa :)

the world missed that dimpled smile... welcome back!

whirlwind said...

@ Xaiii