Sunday, March 11, 2007

..after the disdain

..started the day with a lengthy post, and now ending it with maybe another lengthy one.

5 mins late to church – hmm - Sunday School, snacks, hearing to confessions of 3 love stories in the youth – for once I was just a silent listener, and at the end gave 2 lines of advice when asked – Just watch out and don’t neglect your career – you are just too young !!! (22 for a guy, I guess is young)

I am always excited at the thought of staying home alone or live alone (well till I get married) and really believe that a guy should spend a couple of years (the least one year) alone, fending for himself – alone = not with 3 other roomies, 2 servants… just alone – Cos it teaches a lot – anyways – today, I was not excited at the thought of eating alone, going home and cook, and hmm… called a friend – asked….abey lunch ? The sweet fellow was rather happy to have company himself, and off we head to a nice lil Punjabi restaurant –

Hmm what a choice of a restaurant - (1 KM from sisters house – if only she knew I was in the neighbourhood ! – anyways – no real damage done, cos I am perceived as the moody loner that hates family bonding in general, esp when it comes to fending for myself, for a single or a couple of days, when parents are not home) – but there were some real nice things –

The typical punjabi restaurant, dimmed by thick curtains and flashed with zero watt lamps, to give it the feeling of a chandelier lit halls, ACs at full vent, and every waiter trained to respond within 1/8th of a second.

Standard food – Butter Naan, Punjabi Spl Chicken, Jeera Rice, Mineral water – all appear on the table in 6 minutes after placing the order (low spice please!) – now here is where the cookie crumbles – the only thing that your brain screams after 2 morsels – Curd, Coke / Thums Up. Now, for a few good reasons, I stopped aerated drinks, and almost forgot them – anyways – 2 thums up – and we get these 2 lil chota thums up –

I have almost forgotten these cute lil thingies – such a pleasure to see them..

Now.. 2 bored boys together - chal lets watch the sickest movie of all - and we land up at this new multiplex – watch – “okkadunnadu” – a non famous telugu flick – now I am tempted to really really write a review on this – but naaaaaaah - the whole story is - Villian has a heart pacer, for some strange reason, outside his body, connected to a trolley, needs a live heart from a similar “Bombay blood group” - well, don’t ask me what “Bombay” blood group is – it must be specially created for dons, and hero(s) who can kill 90 of the dons men without losing the shine on the shoes (leather) – anyways - hero on a mission to rescue dad from a banking loss, arrives in Mumbai to sell his guest house, spotted by Don’s gang as the only hope to get a new heart (literally) to the don, tries to kill him., escapes, tries to kill again, escapes, tries to kill again, escapes, tries to kill again, escapes, tries to kill again, escapes, tries to kill again, escapes, tries to kill again, escapes, (ya and every time, almost wiped out all the gang, but still appear in the next fight!!), and finally, kicks the Don, takes 200 Crores in 2 bags, and walks..err runs…err..jogs out of the Don’s den –

Yes, Heroine is there – but dunno why – not really beautiful, no acting, bad dialogues, and…hmm.. she must have been selected, for having probably the next flattest midriff after Ileana (no real comparison), and good bust line for a slender body (cmon guys…the movie was so boring),…and pls, can all the telugu heros stop appearing bare chested (err with 3 kilos of unkempt hair) esp, when they neither have a six pack or the least when they carry a nice lil tyre around them!! (dunno about how girls react, but we guys get embarrassed toooooooo) – End of review – there is nothing really to write.

To wash off this feeling of whatever, hit the race track, sweet smell of burnt rubber – Runway 9 - clocked my best time so far – and 3 all best on this track till date – phew…feels nice –

Head out to the guys place, watch Kal Ho Na Ho for 10 mins…head home – wait for dad – cook…now blog

What a day – still a lil left – talk and catch up with friend dearest and hit the sac.

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