Monday, May 21, 2007

Lineage of patience

How is that we have the greatest of patience with everything else in the world except ourselves, our parents, our realtives, our bosses and then our friends in that order.

Phew - Yes God is outside(~above) this list.

~ John

Unfinished Business

This started out as a real looooooooooooooooooooooooooong blog post on so many things that seem to hanging in mid-air, and quite a lot of analysis, world views, dreams, realities, hope, heartbreaks et all - and then, I realise -

Why am I trying to end it all, I am not dying tomorrow, or I am not retiring in life, or not 60, 70 or some 80+ guy!

Just taking a step back - and hmmm, I am glad I am 28 and take life as it comes.

Surprises and unexpected turns will be welcomed with open arms.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Caesar IV

Rewind to 1999-2000, and long nights were spent playing Caeser in my first job... always get excited playing strategy games.

Anyways, the game is pretty expensive, and its been quite long since I indulged in any expensive buy for self - and was thinking, hmm.... do I really deserve to buy this....and this is what sam sends in a mail..

10 reasons why johnnie deserves Ceaser IV
  1. He’s been nice to Sam through her cranky phase
  2. He stopped playing Darwin
  3. He was determined to lose weight and he lost a lot
  4. He hasn’t bought anything expensive for a long, long time
  5. He took Sam and Avu to Charminar on Sunday evening
  6. He’s spending more on cleaning up his language, anyway
  7. Wipro is turning him into a weird kind of moron otherwise
  8. He doesn’t read Asterix so Caesar is a way to ancient rome
  9. Its better than bubbles
  10. He has dimples!

Monday, May 14, 2007

I am in a SHIFT+DELETE mood

..and here comes the list

  • profile (created as a JV between Parents and Sibling)
  • orkut profile
  • Hotmail account, Rediff, Sifymail
  • Linkedin
  • SPUR ETR (extra terrestrial research...huh!!)
  • burn all the project CDs of my work life
  • throw away scrapbooks from school
  • delete a few relatives
  • all pictures in the mobile
  • all videos of myself
  • all material related to physics & maths
  • all pictures of childhood (not many though)
  • format laptop, desktop every damm thing that has data
  • reset my brain (everything goes - worldviews, gyan, memories, education, philosophy et all)
  • burn all certificates of achievement
  • cancel all credit cards
  • cancel all loan accounts (~ money I gave :P)
  • delete phone book

will keep this post though, incase I need to be reminded and have to make a comeback like "Agent J" in MIB - II


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Another facet of Johnnie

If you can't solve the problem, become the problem!

~ my philosophy :P

Saturday, May 05, 2007

just a little tired

... no blogs being posted of late - lots of work, tired and fatigued too (ofcourse not bcos of work). Working on 3 blogs and they seem to take for ever to finish!

Thought for the day:
How does reason tell us that we have been unreasonable, and when we are unreasonable, says that its based on reason ?

hahahaha - I need a break - I just know where to be refreshed!

pretty wide spectrum

Anita said this and insists that I blog this statment about me -

John has a spectrum of impressing 5 footers to 50+ mami's (ofcourse all female) !

~ and I say - Phew ! - No Girl Friend, No Relationship, No Fling, No Anything... quite a talent unutilized I say - ppl - Options Open - Refer or be there :P