Sunday, May 03, 2009

Imagination, fantasy & creativity

Imagination has its foundation in an unfulfilled possible reality. The key word here is 'possible'.

Fantasy has its foundation on an undeserved / unearnable reality.

Most often we confuse fantasy for ambition & extrapolation for imagination. That leaves us with one question - creativity.

Creativity is augmenting what's already present, and having the curtosy to give credit to what has been, and taking credit for what is been augmented.

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Saturday, May 02, 2009


  • Disappointment – When you fail to keep up an appointment with yourself, most often camouflaged as with the environments / people other than you
  • Pain – the feeling that you want to share, and cant share, and have no one except you to look into, most often camouflaged being hurt by something external
  • Hope – the quintessential feeling of strength and weakness at the same time for humans – most often seen as positive, in reality it has no polarity
  • Blog – Where you “right” things at some superficial level (by writing wierd blogs), not having to care about anything, but usually morphed under fictitious labels of Points of view, attitude, et all
  • Relationship – the tyranny of seeking strength in your weakest moments, and willing to get sapped out for your partners weakest moments, usually packed in a pink box called love, and a cute bow called sacrifice, but essentially another survival game that’s played with finesse, and by choice have raging sparks (of all kinds)
  • Me (I) – A figment of many ppl’s imagination, a product of a couple’s love, and a creation of God – still, does anyone really know? (God excluded) – Usually appears in the shape, size and taste of how the receptor chooses to view of how you fit into his/her reality, in an fictitiously realistic world
  • You – the blog reader, who traversed this page either to increase blog stats, or you are terribly bored, or curious of everything / everyone, or someone who lives an exciting virtuous life in the connected world (really? – Bullshit)