Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On the Train

So, just made it on the after a mad sprint across 3 platforms, and hopping into the last bogie just as it was about to leave the platform, and thanks to some fervent prayers, the train left 4 minutes late.

Now the fun part, my ticket was upgraded, and now retained on the same class. However, another girl got upgraded. The catch, she is newly wed, and her hubby beside her did not get upgraded.

The sincere TT says, its against the rules to exchange tickets across classes, and I bet he will be around to check if we do swap the seats.

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Twenty minutes to go

That's all the time I have to reach the railway station, after losing a good 20 mins at a railway crossing.

And it's raining.

And traffic mamu wants to clear one big lane at a time.

Will post a "from the train blog" if I make it in time.

If I should think of some consolation, my waitlisted ticket got upgraded to first class. But I guess there is never a free meal!
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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Yes, I did it :-)

An uncle that I respect much, while discussing (~ read give gyan) about my girl hunt, said –
"John – before a man really gets to commit and is ready to be married, he has to be broken apart in every sense, and be built back, and this is the only way, it really gets done. The longer you resist, for whatever reason you think it’s worth it, it just gets painful”

Well – I just smiled, and thought, ya – there are few things I need to let go, but being broken apart and then being rebuilt – hmmm… naaaaaaaaah.

I still wonder about the above, but today, I have done something I thought I will never do (or rather never wanted to do) – Send across my “profile” to a prospective girl!

Yes – I did it, and all my dear friends – you can go ahead and rag me now.

Well, the only salvage point – I sent as few details as possible, and 4 pictures that were shot by random friends – pictures that are as close in resemblance of me – well – I am not the poster boy, and let not my pictures (if at all) paint me that way.

The best thing about my blog, it will never show up on Google if searched with my full name or partial names, as in my profile. However, it does show up if searched with my nicknames – and thats something not many know :-)

Let’s see what happens.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Nice Quote

God made Adam before he made Eve because he didn't want any advice on the matter.
~ Patrick Murray