Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In Search of Excellence

All of us, for a better part of our lives are in “search of excellence”, and at some point in time, we might take a pause, be content with what we have , or just become too complacent with the world around us –but even in that state of complacency we still look for a better state – Too bad, this running never stops – the quest for ‘higher ‘never ends.

And I guess the reason is this – the World we live in is defined by order – now before you can jump off saying it can be defined by chaos also, based on being of an alternate world view- Click here

Let me use a negative sounding word for this apparent search for excellence – “altered reality” – we all tend to live in an altered reality – Taking a rather mathematical approach to this altered reality -

How we choose the variables of altered reality define the way we progress in this helping us estimate how big this constant of alteration is (in simple words – how heavy or light) – reality my friend is rather easy – its staring right into our eyes.


Go Ahead – curse the day you bunked math classes, and sulk about me that I spoil your happiness with such blogs – I am sure there are atleast 4 ppl who will try to solve this equation – God Bless them -J - Incidentally all of them are married :P

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Heaven’s beckon the knowledge quest

Those closest to me, must have heard this many a times – my passion is Physics, and my career is Management – I was watching this program called – “Elegant Universe” - It left me wondering for a moment (well the whole evening), if I should have pursued Physics, got into research etc etc –but by the time I write this blog (a day later) – I am happy to sit and watch these programs and marvel at how Theoretical Physics has progressed and blah blah…

I guess I need a break :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Order Vs. Chaos

Scenario 1 -
The world is based on ‘Order’. ‘Order’ assumes perfection and perfection assumes a relentless quest for improvement – We mess this ‘Order’ – things mess up – We start working our way out of the mess –meaning – start progressing towards ‘Order’.

Scenario 2-
The world is defined as a ‘Chaos’ – and we are not grounded by any rules – after all, ‘Chaos’ cannot have any rules – but then a desire to have a something a little better kicks in – and we bring in some ‘Order’ to a small, chaotic part – meaning me are ruining the ‘Chaos’ by brining any ‘Order’ – or in ‘Order’ to maintain a perfect chaotic world, we need to ensure that the ‘Chaos’ remains – and anything that ensures that something remains in its state is ‘Order’ – meaning – ‘Chaos’ is a self destructing proposition. (That’s why I don’t believe in fate as it assumes ‘Chaos’ as a basis – while ‘Order’ assumes God –will deal about this in another blog)

This blog post is dedicate to Supriya, who I think holds the fastest comment record on my blog - under 30 secs :P

God must be having a headache!!

Alas – poor him – human’s at least have a way out – they can pray to God – Poor God – what would he do?

No – this is not a mockery of God. This is what happened today morning at 4:30 AM.

Out of the blue (er black), there is this blast of really loud incantations, apparently to worship the local god of the area I live in – 4:30 AM – Phew – and I don’t think it’s pleasant for anyone, leave alone God for a nasal toned, yucky sounding babbling woman sing apparent praises to wakeup the deity !

My house is quite a distance from the nearby temple, but the volume – I guess could have bet a Rock Show “mics down” – and after 20 mins of crooning, comes along a dubbed tape of forced lyrics on a latest film track – I don’t know if the deity there were worshipping would have been pleased with this effort, but atleast some 200 families in 1 KM radius would have cursed both this lady, the temple and that deity who put-up with such nonsense.

Where does sense and sensibility go? – If you want to worship your deity –pls do – why cause a huge sound to everyone around at an un-godly hour??

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

iPhone in India

At last - the much awaited day comes, when iPhone launches in India, and phew what a disappointment - It just costs 4 times more than in any other part of the World - A whopping 800$ !!! -

I always suspected that they would price it higher - but - 4 times? - India is the only market, where people spend almost double on a handset (in comparision to the same phone in other parts of the world) - The Govt levies 15% -20 % import duty - that cost being added to the phone is understandable. But 4 times ?? and guess what - it would be locked to a network too!

The rationale Vodafone and Airtel give is that they would not subsidize the phone - unlike US telecom players - but I still get a phone that is locked, and also need to have a 2 year contract - What the f&^#? I am paying 100% or may be 200% the value of the phone - I should be allowed to do whatever I want with it !

I have been acting noble not buying a jailbreaked phone, with a respect for the manufacturer that they have produced a truly good phone - but now - jailbreaked is the way - 200$ for the phone in any damm country, and spend nothing or as little as 20$ to jailbreak it and I get an iphone at peanuts.

...and idiots wonder why India has a huge grey market - it would be fun to buy the same for around 20K in the grey market - I bet 2 months, and you will get iphones from grey market home delivered.

Long live the grey market :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Life in the fast lane

The title overflows of adrenalin, excitement, energy and looks like the best lane to be – after all, the fastest lane has the best of everything – the smoothest road, the fastest cars, the biggest brands and whiff of envious air that gets past the vipers as you zoom by ….

…and we all endeavor for it, and run the mile as much as possible, and as close as possible to the fast lane.

However, the irony is that – does the fastest lane have all of that we really think and aspire to have? – We run so fast trying to save time, and get an extra ounce of everything possible with the myth that we will have all the time at the end of the road, to enjoy the fruits of time gained by being in the fast lane.

I think what we really do in the fast lane is build safety nets - We are on an overdrive of infinite planning.

Let’s take the Naturalist view – Evolution!
– Evolution defies a safety net – if there is a safety net of peaceful existence, Evolution fails, and all of us would have ended at the primordial or even worse a unicellular level – so – no safety net in Evolution.

Let’s take the Agnostic view – Knowledge!
– Knowledge is at an infinitum, and since we can’t master all knowledge, we cannot really plan for the perfect safety net! – Phew – safety net is wafer thin in this view.

Let’s take the Rebel’s view – Critique –
The basis of reason is in the statement of a problem – and if the problem is solved in its entirety – reason has no more a base to stand on – in simple words –reason self destructs in the absence of a problem – and a safety net is created (as a fall back) for a (anticipated) problem – so if reason prevails – safety net dissolves – if reason fails – well does safety net really stand ? Your reasoning was wrong - J - Safety net is a mythical bubble here.

Finally, let’s take the Theist’s view –Faith
- Now if you say that you believe in God – you should not have a safety net – You need to stand in Faith, for God, the Omniscient, Omnipotent & Omni Present should have thought and planned a way for you and you really do not need a safety net! – If you are infinitely worried and labor continuously creating a safety net, then you defy your faith, and you turn into an Atheist!

So what is the end of it all?– simple – Slow down – take a breather – absorb the light – enjoy the ride – and for fun – floor the pedal once a while, but don’t lose out on life itself by trying to be always in the fast lane – after all, it’s called the fast lane, bcos there are slower lanes beside it ?
I thank my God for I know, He has a plan for me, and a plan for my Good. I end on this noteDoes your God have a plan for you? Pause and Ponder.

the Bitch

It’s rather sad that I need to break my non-writing spree with a blog post titled “the Bitch”.

As you would have guessed, it would not be a pleasant blog, and I abhor writing such negative things about any human in general, but then, you get provoked, fingered (no pun intended), and push the limits of forbearance, and Voila – out comes a post – simply called “the Bitch”

Interestingly, bitch as commonly understood is not a derogatory term used for the female kind – but, alas, this post is unfortunately not about a guy!

Let’s define the characteristics of ‘the Bitch’
  • She would think she is the love of every heart, by her loud talk – seldom does she realize that many a times people don’t even hear her beyond the first sentence – and wait for the endless babble to end – has not anyone heard – a loud mouthed woman is hated by everyone including women?
  • She would think that she is got the best of all worlds, and command power – while in reality, people are poignant to a point, she is not worth beyond the current fling (situation) and at best return to her just for another fling – this does not mean, people want her – they just don’t want her – point in fact – you don’t make love to ‘the bitch’ – you don’t say it either - you just indulge as to your whim and gratification of the ‘now’
  • She can crib, and crib she will – for her life is at best a few inches deep (again no pun intended) – and all that can come of such (s)hallow(ness) – is lots of noise – the sad part is – no one would even bother telling that – for a simple reason – she is ‘the Bitch’
  • She can never find love, and love will never find her - for the true nature of love is to give and take without a degree of self righteousness and how often do you meet ‘the bitch’ who does not think she is god ! (megalomania is truly personified in ‘the bitch’ – and the reason is – that when you rebel(find fault) against everything possible, you lose your right o rebel)
  • She rides on the circle of pontification, to a point that there is no reason in what she does, and reason does elude and then emotions creep in, and the whole mess gets personal – and that’s when people slap her out (again no pun intended) and just give a hysterical pitiable laugh at ‘the bitch’
….and there she lies in darkness only she can feel, and a darkness only she enjoys in her disdained state of love – love – eh – none for ‘the bitch’