Wednesday, August 20, 2008

iPhone in India

At last - the much awaited day comes, when iPhone launches in India, and phew what a disappointment - It just costs 4 times more than in any other part of the World - A whopping 800$ !!! -

I always suspected that they would price it higher - but - 4 times? - India is the only market, where people spend almost double on a handset (in comparision to the same phone in other parts of the world) - The Govt levies 15% -20 % import duty - that cost being added to the phone is understandable. But 4 times ?? and guess what - it would be locked to a network too!

The rationale Vodafone and Airtel give is that they would not subsidize the phone - unlike US telecom players - but I still get a phone that is locked, and also need to have a 2 year contract - What the f&^#? I am paying 100% or may be 200% the value of the phone - I should be allowed to do whatever I want with it !

I have been acting noble not buying a jailbreaked phone, with a respect for the manufacturer that they have produced a truly good phone - but now - jailbreaked is the way - 200$ for the phone in any damm country, and spend nothing or as little as 20$ to jailbreak it and I get an iphone at peanuts.

...and idiots wonder why India has a huge grey market - it would be fun to buy the same for around 20K in the grey market - I bet 2 months, and you will get iphones from grey market home delivered.

Long live the grey market :)


Arjun said...

This is just not fair......
I'm with you on this one whole heartedly!!

No way am I gonna get my IPHONE from the cellcos.... grey market zindabad!!

sam said...

hmmm... cant afford to gift you one yet so...