Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the Bitch

It’s rather sad that I need to break my non-writing spree with a blog post titled “the Bitch”.

As you would have guessed, it would not be a pleasant blog, and I abhor writing such negative things about any human in general, but then, you get provoked, fingered (no pun intended), and push the limits of forbearance, and Voila – out comes a post – simply called “the Bitch”

Interestingly, bitch as commonly understood is not a derogatory term used for the female kind – but, alas, this post is unfortunately not about a guy!

Let’s define the characteristics of ‘the Bitch’
  • She would think she is the love of every heart, by her loud talk – seldom does she realize that many a times people don’t even hear her beyond the first sentence – and wait for the endless babble to end – has not anyone heard – a loud mouthed woman is hated by everyone including women?
  • She would think that she is got the best of all worlds, and command power – while in reality, people are poignant to a point, she is not worth beyond the current fling (situation) and at best return to her just for another fling – this does not mean, people want her – they just don’t want her – point in fact – you don’t make love to ‘the bitch’ – you don’t say it either - you just indulge as to your whim and gratification of the ‘now’
  • She can crib, and crib she will – for her life is at best a few inches deep (again no pun intended) – and all that can come of such (s)hallow(ness) – is lots of noise – the sad part is – no one would even bother telling that – for a simple reason – she is ‘the Bitch’
  • She can never find love, and love will never find her - for the true nature of love is to give and take without a degree of self righteousness and how often do you meet ‘the bitch’ who does not think she is god ! (megalomania is truly personified in ‘the bitch’ – and the reason is – that when you rebel(find fault) against everything possible, you lose your right o rebel)
  • She rides on the circle of pontification, to a point that there is no reason in what she does, and reason does elude and then emotions creep in, and the whole mess gets personal – and that’s when people slap her out (again no pun intended) and just give a hysterical pitiable laugh at ‘the bitch’
….and there she lies in darkness only she can feel, and a darkness only she enjoys in her disdained state of love – love – eh – none for ‘the bitch’


SMM said...

Johnnie...I wonder which woman made you so mad

Arjun said...

shucks i remember rita well enough

whirlwind said...

@ SMM -
This is the fastest comment I ever got on blogs :P

@ Arjun -
Hehehehhe - Rita - c'mon Arjun, accept you have a crush on her and love was in the air - kiska hain intezaar mein hoon na....

Arjun said...

I never had a crush on that 41 year old.. never been laid... pest piece of ass!!

Incidentally -it was you who always showed her the finger.

I was only the local goonda posing as a project manager as far as she was concerned