Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Life in the fast lane

The title overflows of adrenalin, excitement, energy and looks like the best lane to be – after all, the fastest lane has the best of everything – the smoothest road, the fastest cars, the biggest brands and whiff of envious air that gets past the vipers as you zoom by ….

…and we all endeavor for it, and run the mile as much as possible, and as close as possible to the fast lane.

However, the irony is that – does the fastest lane have all of that we really think and aspire to have? – We run so fast trying to save time, and get an extra ounce of everything possible with the myth that we will have all the time at the end of the road, to enjoy the fruits of time gained by being in the fast lane.

I think what we really do in the fast lane is build safety nets - We are on an overdrive of infinite planning.

Let’s take the Naturalist view – Evolution!
– Evolution defies a safety net – if there is a safety net of peaceful existence, Evolution fails, and all of us would have ended at the primordial or even worse a unicellular level – so – no safety net in Evolution.

Let’s take the Agnostic view – Knowledge!
– Knowledge is at an infinitum, and since we can’t master all knowledge, we cannot really plan for the perfect safety net! – Phew – safety net is wafer thin in this view.

Let’s take the Rebel’s view – Critique –
The basis of reason is in the statement of a problem – and if the problem is solved in its entirety – reason has no more a base to stand on – in simple words –reason self destructs in the absence of a problem – and a safety net is created (as a fall back) for a (anticipated) problem – so if reason prevails – safety net dissolves – if reason fails – well does safety net really stand ? Your reasoning was wrong - J - Safety net is a mythical bubble here.

Finally, let’s take the Theist’s view –Faith
- Now if you say that you believe in God – you should not have a safety net – You need to stand in Faith, for God, the Omniscient, Omnipotent & Omni Present should have thought and planned a way for you and you really do not need a safety net! – If you are infinitely worried and labor continuously creating a safety net, then you defy your faith, and you turn into an Atheist!

So what is the end of it all?– simple – Slow down – take a breather – absorb the light – enjoy the ride – and for fun – floor the pedal once a while, but don’t lose out on life itself by trying to be always in the fast lane – after all, it’s called the fast lane, bcos there are slower lanes beside it ?
I thank my God for I know, He has a plan for me, and a plan for my Good. I end on this noteDoes your God have a plan for you? Pause and Ponder.


Nada said...

OH MY GOD - i feel like u wrote this just for me. and God knows i needed it. i loved the sorcery of words in the first para. i cud truly feel the wind whipping against my face.

but the last para just blew me. i have been asking myself over and over the past few months if i really believe in God and have faith because if i did, i would not try to be my own supreme planner, and my sole worrier, and the planner of my own destiny. There is someone up there who has more control over my life, and who cares more about me than even I do, so why should i worry? i can try my best, but i neednt worry n think everything is based on my decisions and timing etc.

i feel like i was running in this so called fast lane trying to spin a safety web along the way, and someone stuck out their foot and knocked me over and i landed on hard ground with a thud. and you know what, the world doesnt come to an end or so much as change if i stop running hehehe. oh and safety nets dont work!! double hehehe

Thank you as usual sweets!!

SMM said...

Johnnie you ditched me...you said that you would make a dedication to me in your next post for setting the world record for the fastest comment ever. Yaar yaar na raha :(

whirlwind said...

@ Nada - thank you :)

@ SMM - oye - I will dedicate the next best happy post - so it will come :)

Arjun said...

you play with words to the extent that the reader twists,,, turns,,,, then flips over once more.

In the end the poor fellow.. too tired to argue.. agrees with you....

Badhiya hai!!

whirlwind said...

@ Arjun -
Well its actually not a play with words - they are thoughts we just skip as it takes too much effort to articulate - leave alone understand :P

Arjun said...

yes.. thoughts.. that we skip - because it's not effortless articulation!

MARK MY WORDs... you shall be a SUCCESSFUL philosopher one day!!