Friday, August 22, 2008

God must be having a headache!!

Alas – poor him – human’s at least have a way out – they can pray to God – Poor God – what would he do?

No – this is not a mockery of God. This is what happened today morning at 4:30 AM.

Out of the blue (er black), there is this blast of really loud incantations, apparently to worship the local god of the area I live in – 4:30 AM – Phew – and I don’t think it’s pleasant for anyone, leave alone God for a nasal toned, yucky sounding babbling woman sing apparent praises to wakeup the deity !

My house is quite a distance from the nearby temple, but the volume – I guess could have bet a Rock Show “mics down” – and after 20 mins of crooning, comes along a dubbed tape of forced lyrics on a latest film track – I don’t know if the deity there were worshipping would have been pleased with this effort, but atleast some 200 families in 1 KM radius would have cursed both this lady, the temple and that deity who put-up with such nonsense.

Where does sense and sensibility go? – If you want to worship your deity –pls do – why cause a huge sound to everyone around at an un-godly hour??


Arjun said...

come to delhi and we'll make you attend some jagraatas.. that's an all nighter.
The upshot will be the number of filmy devotional songs you get to hear & endure

whirlwind said...

@ Arjun -
Its one thing about jaagratas, and also anticipated festivals where there is lots of such activity -

This was out of the blue (er black) - you suddenly jolt out of your sleep - do you know which diety had a special day today?? heheehehh you see...thats what I meant.