Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In Search of Excellence

All of us, for a better part of our lives are in “search of excellence”, and at some point in time, we might take a pause, be content with what we have , or just become too complacent with the world around us –but even in that state of complacency we still look for a better state – Too bad, this running never stops – the quest for ‘higher ‘never ends.

And I guess the reason is this – the World we live in is defined by order – now before you can jump off saying it can be defined by chaos also, based on being of an alternate world view- Click here

Let me use a negative sounding word for this apparent search for excellence – “altered reality” – we all tend to live in an altered reality – Taking a rather mathematical approach to this altered reality -

How we choose the variables of altered reality define the way we progress in this helping us estimate how big this constant of alteration is (in simple words – how heavy or light) – reality my friend is rather easy – its staring right into our eyes.


Go Ahead – curse the day you bunked math classes, and sulk about me that I spoil your happiness with such blogs – I am sure there are atleast 4 ppl who will try to solve this equation – God Bless them -J - Incidentally all of them are married :P


Arjun said...

I'm married!
I'm not supposed to be solving equations... though as god is my witness... I tried.

What is "reality" Johnny?
Why do we look at it as altered reality?

Maybe it's not easy as seeing things staring us in the face... but the more I think about it... there is no real point to developing a viewpoint on reality as being altered. it is (for me) what I see and understand.

Again, coming down to the mathematical formula, the constant K being utilized to demonstrate the differential element is fine.

I disagree on the factors that go into the definition of K
You've taken time as the elapsed component to signify experience... but what about my learning and my feelings...???

In your quest for mathematical utopia... some factors remain unfactored dude!

whirlwind said...

@ Arjun
hheheheh ehhahhahaha
Abey - dont take the easy way out finding problem with the equation - solve it... and the answer to your unfactored variables will surface - it's called realization - thats what you are looking for now

SMM said...

Johnnie....your reality as opposed to mine would definitely be different. We may see the same thing and yet see two different things. REmember the story of the four blind men and the elephant. And I am not even going to bother solving this equation. gave up on maths after class X which was one of the happiest days of my life :D

Anonymous said...

married person refusing to solve equation proving john's assumption makes presence felt...

whirlwind said...

@ Merablogpadho -
Ahhh - :P you have a mathematician husband - outsourse :P

Anonymous said...

Aap formula to bana diye. But Constant of Alteration should be Coefficient of Alteration, kyunki in mathematics variables can be a function of more variables and a few constants if any, but constants are random numerical values. :)

I hope I do not place before you a sadder philosophical picture :D