Monday, August 11, 2008

India Wins Gold at Olympics


Anonymous said...

Was talking about this to a friend..and this is what he has to say...

India gold and the games dont seem to fit into the same sentence :P..

but what the heck, we won! Congrats Abhinav!!!

whirlwind said...

@ anonymous -
Well - I really appreciate Abhinav for winning this - needless to say - this is a personal achievement and not "something our GOVT invested and groomed"

Great Going Abhinav - We are proud of you

~ WW

SMM said...

Not to take it away from Abhinav, but some form of itsy bitsy support was after all provided by the Government in the form of infrastructure.

Hope the Indian Government does realize that we do have Olympic level sportsmen in our country who will all win golds, only if the Government will provide some amount of support on the form of monetary & infrastructural help

Arjun said...

commenting apolitically - this is great stuff from Bindra.... and he needs to go out and have a blast.... maybe call someone over for wine!!