Friday, August 22, 2008

Order Vs. Chaos

Scenario 1 -
The world is based on ‘Order’. ‘Order’ assumes perfection and perfection assumes a relentless quest for improvement – We mess this ‘Order’ – things mess up – We start working our way out of the mess –meaning – start progressing towards ‘Order’.

Scenario 2-
The world is defined as a ‘Chaos’ – and we are not grounded by any rules – after all, ‘Chaos’ cannot have any rules – but then a desire to have a something a little better kicks in – and we bring in some ‘Order’ to a small, chaotic part – meaning me are ruining the ‘Chaos’ by brining any ‘Order’ – or in ‘Order’ to maintain a perfect chaotic world, we need to ensure that the ‘Chaos’ remains – and anything that ensures that something remains in its state is ‘Order’ – meaning – ‘Chaos’ is a self destructing proposition. (That’s why I don’t believe in fate as it assumes ‘Chaos’ as a basis – while ‘Order’ assumes God –will deal about this in another blog)

This blog post is dedicate to Supriya, who I think holds the fastest comment record on my blog - under 30 secs :P


SMM said...

Ohhh...I want to thank my mother, my father, my husband, my irritating next door neighbours, their dog who pees outside my front door, my best friend and her boyfriend, my hairdresser, my tailor....

Hee hee...thanks Johnnie

Arjun said...

this is what happens when you dedicate blogs.... BIG OPERATIC SPEECHES!!!

,,,on a more serious note, this reminds me of the second law of thermodynamics.. something about chaos / entropy increasing always

whirlwind said...

@ Arjun - Kya bey - Jalan ??

on a serious note - when did you go to college to remember the second law of thermodynamics ?? - :P

Arjun said...

i remembered it because I'd learned that the CRAP factor in the world was on the rise.. way back when i was younger!
Some things never go away!


Anonymous said...

What? There's another woman you're dedicating posts to now? Just because I got married and moved to a different timezone? What happened to all those days I came to your desk and typed comments right under your nose? Do you not remember how I helped you sustain your blog in your days of need? And now you're replacing me? I demand a re-count, a law suit, a therapist and a large box of chocolate!

whirlwind said...

@ Sam -
Large box of choclate - it will be shipped
Therapist - Dinn know you needed one - I still think you are okay- but can arrange for one :P
Law suit - whao whoa ... american air :P - 3 weeks in the US and speaking law suits :P
Re-count - Life is beyond numbers :P

... :P

You still are my best blog commentor - :)

Anonymous said...

You not the expert, casually?

Moses John Wesley said...

@ Anonymous -
It's my serious opinion on something not that casual - :-)