Thursday, January 06, 2011

The invasion of sound

....And I write this from a place you are violated in every sense of the word, by heat, by strong cigarette odour, stinky armpits, no personal space etc etc. But what really tests your resolve, is being bombarded with music on FM phones in every direction and with loud chatter on the phones.

Yes, we all grew in an economy of - 'the more(you get), the more your value for money', but all of us some where forgot what cacophony, life has turned into, and that too quite literally!!!

Be it being rudely woken up to Ayyappa chants, or a competing sound from the masjid or now even churches - you are sleep deprived!! And the worst part - if you as much as make a suggestion to reduce the volume, all hell will break loose.

Of the few things that I really like to see my Country change, is getting a lil more quiet.

I wonder if we are rapidly loosing the ability to listen to anyone or anything, as we are always hearing way too much than we ought too.

Ecoutez le silence !!!!!
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