Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Moving Ahead

The best thing about “Moving Ahead”, is that there is movement, and there is a hope for the future. The irony is that, there is a sense of negativity built around the word, and the general feeling of it.

Quite a few changes have taken place over the last 1 month, and I hear these words – move ahead, moving ahead, things will be fine etc.

Ya, time to act, time to be a lil nice to myself. I pray, I wish, I hope, I look ahead, I miss .. :)

Don’t really know about silver linings in the clouds – I wanna enjoy the clouds as much, and yes ……… ..........

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Feel alive at last….

Maybe I just expect too much, or I really live well, or my standards are high, or most of the world is just mediocre, or maybe I have become paranoid, or maybe I am missing a few intimate ones very much, or maybe I am having initial blues, or maybe I should have waited for sometime, or maybe I am in a hurry, or maybe…..

All these questions were playing on my mind, a few still playing…

The answer is – I really don’t know. Finally, I feel a little alive – got internet access, messengers on, and at least feel that I can ping and contact a few with a few key strokes.

P.S:Moved to Mumbai – New Job – Will shortly move to USA Puram