Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Caesar IV

Rewind to 1999-2000, and long nights were spent playing Caeser in my first job... always get excited playing strategy games.

Anyways, the game is pretty expensive, and its been quite long since I indulged in any expensive buy for self - and was thinking, hmm.... do I really deserve to buy this....and this is what sam sends in a mail..

10 reasons why johnnie deserves Ceaser IV
  1. He’s been nice to Sam through her cranky phase
  2. He stopped playing Darwin
  3. He was determined to lose weight and he lost a lot
  4. He hasn’t bought anything expensive for a long, long time
  5. He took Sam and Avu to Charminar on Sunday evening
  6. He’s spending more on cleaning up his language, anyway
  7. Wipro is turning him into a weird kind of moron otherwise
  8. He doesn’t read Asterix so Caesar is a way to ancient rome
  9. Its better than bubbles
  10. He has dimples!


Arjun said...

dimples....whaaaaattt dimples???

Xai said...

please refer here

Arjun said...

I have viewed the link...
that information is LONGGGG OBSOLETE!!
i need to see pictoril proof

Arjun said...
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Sups said...