Monday, May 14, 2007

I am in a SHIFT+DELETE mood

..and here comes the list

  • profile (created as a JV between Parents and Sibling)
  • orkut profile
  • Hotmail account, Rediff, Sifymail
  • Linkedin
  • SPUR ETR (extra terrestrial research...huh!!)
  • burn all the project CDs of my work life
  • throw away scrapbooks from school
  • delete a few relatives
  • all pictures in the mobile
  • all videos of myself
  • all material related to physics & maths
  • all pictures of childhood (not many though)
  • format laptop, desktop every damm thing that has data
  • reset my brain (everything goes - worldviews, gyan, memories, education, philosophy et all)
  • burn all certificates of achievement
  • cancel all credit cards
  • cancel all loan accounts (~ money I gave :P)
  • delete phone book

will keep this post though, incase I need to be reminded and have to make a comeback like "Agent J" in MIB - II



sam said...

i'll start with shift+delete the memory of ever reading this post :P

Arjun said...

are you gonna be deleting the memories of ...???