Sunday, March 11, 2007


I like to wake up, step into the balcony, stare at an empty blue sky, see the colors change in the magnificent morning sky, and breathe lung fulls of fresh cool air – and slowly the brain starts diffusing, and gets rolling with all the various gears catching up on speed.

I wake up today to the call of dad to be dropped off at Railway station, to filling water, and waiting for the servant to turn up, and hmm .. the wired addict that I am, got online – same new story – No mails (I don’t mail anyone much, but somehow always check, and there is always enough spam to clean), don’t wanna see office stuff, bored of surfing, checked out what’s playing / happening in town, read a few blogs, log into messenger – none you really wanna speak (observed that the friends online is to a few you can count – the same few I guess who have no better life than me – ONLINE on a Sunday morning or Saturday night !!), tempted to go down memory lane, wanted to scribble most important things to do in the next 6 months (have some things in mind) – dinn wanna make life a project plan – work is enough for scientific, heartless objective planning to be executed like a synchronized ballet), sweet sister calls – Breakfast - Lunch – Come over ? what plans ? – catches me with cold answers!, Need for Speed is boring (need the new sidewinder kit hmm..), thought of calling a few, why bother sweet sleeping souls?, read a book – ahan – not so early, no Tom & Jerry or Popeye or Duck Tales at this hour on TV, News channels suck (where is the news? – I don’t want to know why the ministers dog started pissing on the sofa, or why some lady changed her bust size, or why some idiot got married for the 5th time to a 3rd timer, and got caught making out with his ex girl friend and …., or understand the non-existent nitty-gritty of the worlds largest Democratic country, or watch how senseless the sensation news are), discovered 2 old classmates on orkut – left a comment saying “Whoa – you blossomed into a beautiful woman – don’t know how she’ll react (married btw), the last image I had, was her with braces, and unkempt hair exactly 14 yrs ago!”, did some work on the paper I have been working on for quite sometime –

Reality knocks – Servant not come – maybe do the dishes and clean the kitchen – don’t like the idea of walking into house in the afternoon to a messed up kitchen – 40 mins more, and need to be @ church – take bath, brush, cook and eat something? Shave ? – hmm ..nah – (sure mom & sis will check at some part of the day whether I have gone to church – never really understood this part – even as a teenager (my most rebellious years), never bunked church !! – Whatever!)

Plan for the day – hmmm nothing

1. Long Drive
Car is in the workshop – Alternator belt out, and the transmission pulley should be out – and the bracket jammed – takes the trained TATA engineer 45 mins to arrive to this conclusion (the first thing I told them when I called asking the car to be towed) – while its bloody obvious screaming itself – either I am too smart or the mechanics are too trained.

Anyways, since my car is out in the garage – don’t really feel like driving long in the Sumo – steal friends red car of the day? ;) – wash the bike? Walk? Hitch rides just for the heck of it? (should try and hitch rides, and see if any girl will actually offer a ride – esp after all the long daunting celebrated women’s day – if any girl does offer – she’ll be surprised with a nice lil cute gift from me!)

2. Check out any good movie
Hmm - sad – none that really make you think they are worth a flick – hmm
No theatre (I mean theatre – drama, play kinds) in hyd – Miss Mumbai sooooooooooo much of this one thing

3. Happy hour pubbing
I don’t drink – all drunkards are married, and happy hours definition is changed

4. Watch TV –
Sister will be happy to read this – from a John who could kill a day before the TV – hardly can stand it more than 30 mins now for the last 2 yrs – hmm…bet she does not know this !

5. Blog –
That’s what I am doing now –

6. Hack my company’s website
Hee ehehehhehehh that’s sounds like fun – but, they are not worth it – and besides I am not a hacker anymore - last hack – 2000 October - database hack for MBA friend – sure the technology should have changed 6 times over – I feel like a dud – real technology dud

7. Strum the Guitar –
Hmm….nice – need to get back to better strumming days - how I loved strumming in school – best music days I suppose – now more like the dead whiny dog – will get a new music life

8. Read a book –
Quite sometime since any new book has glued me to the chair – either by the intellect challenge or the sheer captivating non-sense of it –
Will finish the small mountain of borrowed books and start returning all the books I borrowed –

9. Pedicure / Manicure / Massage / Haircut / ……
Hmm… need one – not today

10. Give Gyan –
Arjun will be surprised – stopped giving gyan unless asked – but still keep killing people with randon seemingly unconnected tid bits about everything, and based on their reactions, they can get some real stuff – else lots of seemingly unconnected tid bits.

Why Arjun - Last Guy I really gave gyan freely and no nonsense included -
At present, all other Gyan is behind closed doors in conference rooms (after all I am paid for it), and to a few friends who really ask.

11. Date with God
Hmm – he’ll be bored with me – not a very interesting specimen I am

12. Blind Date
Hey, does this happen? Hmm…. All the flashy mags atleast say so…. Anyways, not the poster boy – so the girl will be disappointed till she speaks - if she can stay put and speak for 15 mins - boy – she’ll forget how I look and see beyond the face

13. Sync the phone with comp and check out if Voice dialing, voice sms, mails, blah blah…all those hated features by girls and turn on for guys really work on my phone

Now time to move my ass out – 20 mins to brush, bathe, iron and appear at church - don’t wanna be the bad boy when mom / sis calls (ahhahahahahhahah)

Over and out!

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Arjun said...

gyaan has stopped........woah!!!!

anyways - i enjoy your gyaan sessions.....