Monday, March 26, 2007

Why ?

Life is simple, and straight, as long as we choose to abide by the simple and straight rules of life!

Why is it that we are so bent on complicating life?
Why can't we take things at face value?
Why can't we live, like there is no tomorrow?
Why can't we stop borrowing from yesterday's baggage?
Why can't we love, in a way that you have nothing but more love to give?
Why can't we just be ourselves?
Why can't we not stop dreaming?

So many questions in my head that are bombarding and stolen my peace. Why?

I may not get all the answers myself, but down on my knees, I get an assurance, and in those cradled arms, anxiety melts - The feeling that I can win when I am on my knees, and that I am loved the most, in the cradled arms, makes me look ahead through this gloomy phase.

~ an old post - with a minor difference - no cradled arms

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