Friday, March 09, 2007

Reason takes over

Anita will be smiling at this post, as she will bet, its the pattern of John's thought processes and life in general -

Sam will read this and will heave a sigh - hmm -

Arjun - Bro - I agree

Kavita - Sister dearest will think - why does this idiot need to reason everything in life - life ain't as complicated as he makes it to be -

A few other souls have these reactions - not naming them as, they don't like blogging, or revealing their identities online.

1. Hmm....try connecting a few dots, roused by curiosity, and with a mild toned down thought say - hmm - I wonder / wish he'll do well - actually, may be not
2. Another of Johnny's post, I refuse to read beyond the words, cos I believe, his words are too deep -
3. Warrior in prayer - No more peace about John
4. John -I know what you mean -
5. .......

Now why would a title like "reason takes over" make so many of my friends react in so many ways -

Simple - All of them are distinct and real, and each know me from a very different dimension -

Phew - A treat anywhere to anyone who can get back to me with what I would have penned under a title like this.

1 comment:

Sam said...

Hmmm... it's not a blog post. it's a state of mind we're talking about here... John, you can't really live without allowing reason to take over...