Saturday, March 31, 2007

Wired World

I am up early (the body clock does not know it's a Saturday) and I guess I am a little too addicted to the wired world - It's amusing that you wake up, and want to clear your head before meeting real people, but straight out zoom into the wired world.

You check mails - you know that you would not have got any (you just checked 7 hours ago) - I don't get many mails, cos I don't write many mails - and alas no Spam to clean either! These mailing marketing agencies are not working efficiently :P

Blog - Hmm, the best part of this is - its your own blog - you can do what ever you like. So I decide, hmmm let me blog and start the day.

Read all the drafts - the ones that for reasons of sociability or privacy which have not been published, and I sigh reading them, cos - they are some of the best - but, no real point publishing them now - the straight ones will not make sense as you chose to play the nice boy in a jinxed moment, and the sweet ones will not make sense, as you chose to play the 'private & intimate' role.

It's with disdain I see myself hooked to this wired world - I rather prefer real people to this, but are there really any 'real' people who are not hiding behind some veil all the time.

For the present, the wired world almost seems that it has run out of any offerings - music is boring, chat is boring, surfing is boring, googling is boring, hacks and downloads are boring, more e-books are boring, online cartoon strips are boring, jokes are boring....

Hmm, I guess humans still are interesting - there is always something left to discover in the one you know so much - will get unplugged and check out humans - but, the real ones are either wired (should check all other blogs) or don't have time for me (they are chasing humans too I guess), the others are boring too!

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