Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hidden veils

That’s obnoxious, veils are supposed to hide us! We hide beneath those numerous veils that we adorn at will, carefully knitted over time, civilization, culture acclimatization (in context) and shit loads of other stuff.

I am perplexed at the mutation of the veils. We have taken an indulgent dive; short circuited & mastered the ‘mutating art of hiding a veil’.

A few steps into yester times – it was possible to describe the specific veils a person owned (in a sense), and could associate them to different states of disposition (I refuse to use the word – Mood), and people adorned them to achieve a specific purpose – to show various emotions, degrees of control, sociability levels, and sometimes an aura.

Come now, the evolution of the metro sexual man, the liberated women, empowered individual, the yuppie, the Generation “cool” – so many facets crunched into one single individual! – The result – It’s become a sham to have a veil – (somehow, having a veil always sounded negative!, In the truest sense, I don’t think it is). So, the genesis of the culture of “hiding the veils”.
  • To what lengths, we go to say what we are not?
  • How quickly have our identities changed from “what we are” to “what we are not”. State of disposition is relative, to the immediate locale – we can be the angel personified and the devil raging at the same instance to 2 different people?
  • How often do we say – Look, I am what I am, you like it – great!, and you don’t like it – great!?

We run not to have veils, to hide them, and in the process, run, run, run! Somewhere, at sometime, when we look back, we almost do have neither the self nor the veil, and the veils are hidden into such proclivity that, we hit a void – a void so deep, that we suddenly are back to the state – “Look, I am what I am, you like it – great!, and you don’t like it – great!?”

Sucked in a circle so big, that the instance rules over the moment, the moment over the context, the context over the meaning, the meaning over the definition, the definition over the subject, the subject over life, and we subject everything in life, that we see everything as an instance!

If everything is an instance, then, why should be hide the veils?

I agree that the balance will strike at some point – my question is, what is the price we pay to get to the point of balance?

-To life – Gyaani

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