Saturday, November 18, 2006


Thats the word that rings in my head at this time! -

Quest the way I understood - Search for something, but this quest itched my head to lookup the dictionary, and Ahem! - What a description - "A search for an alternative that meets cognitive criteria".

Now that's something that I like - Did another thing - searched my blog for 'quest' and was suprised @ the results. Each of the blogs are titled differently, but today, I would give them these titles:

The Skeptic - I would call this blog, The Quest for the Quest

There is immense beauty in imperfection! - The Quest for Imperfection

Flipped Mirrors - The Quest for a Reason to Faith!

The Indulgent Mind - So More and No More! - The Ultimate Quest - Flirting on the edge of the Indulgent Mind is tolerance in a platonic relationship; perseverance in romance, patience in courting, ambition in a career, faith in (a relationship with) God. Point in fact - all the words – tolerance, perseverance, patience, ambition, faith are the 5 pillars of something I would call the “Big Quest”.

...besides, I am in a mood to receive lots of compliments - I am bad a fishing in the waters for some, so please be benevolent, and give me compliments :P

1 comment:

CLS said...

ah, without question this is a quest for admiration.

well, here's some. lap it up all you want... :P