Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Unplugged and Wired!

Two very different words, the former meaning freedom, and the later being tied (wired). Bring both together and; wow! You are in the world of infinite possibities…in the wired (connected) world, you can go full throttle (unplugged).

Just wonder the number of possibilities that we can do in this unplugged state… online dating, virtual conferencing, cyber romance, heard some new innovation – simulated cyber sex…ahem! (Arjun…did you hear that?), and for more useful things… everything available at the touch of a button.

This is something that just happened, Boss says, I am out in the afternoon – it’s my birthday – now I can’t blame myself for not remembering his b’day – I don’t remember most girls b’day, and he is my 7th boss in my small 5 yrs of work across 3.5 companies (0.5 company – will write about that some time later).

He will be out in 1.5 hours from now..and bah…my office just a light year away from civilization – we are the species “Workerica Intellectualica” and are in a planet a lil far from civilization called “concreatika Jungilicia villagia” – and I wanted to order a cake – Canteen fella says- by 5 PM sharp, and all major bakers says – they stopped delivering across inter planetary destinations.

A lil hopeful (yu see I am an eternal optimist!), I called the online yellow pages, and said.. blah blah blah.. 1 hr, cake delivery…destination “concreatika Jungilicia villagia”. Nice sounding female – jutted some 20 alternate numbers – 4 calls later - Deal finalized - the cake should be arriving in 45 minutes…. Amazing…feels nice to be wired and unplugged!

P.S: Others who have already started thinking of alternate possibilities, they don’t offer alternate services – it’s a good business service – don’t spoil the world. ha ha ha

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Arjun said...

Yes John - I heard that!!