Wednesday, December 28, 2005


To Anita, My Dear Friend, who wanted me to write about Faith!

Its one word all of us feel tabooed to speak about, yet deeply posses it, guard it, cherish it, that’s the magic of faith!

What the heck? I am not “faith” fella/felle. Faith is for the Religious Joe / the sadhu / the mullah….or whatever, you get the idea right?

The reason, I suppose most of us refrain from being faithful (!@#$) in acknowledging the “faith” thingie is, the fear of losing! What if faith is lost? That very thought shakes the damm faith in ourselves and hence….<para 1>

If we step aside from the “religious” connotation of faith, then the whole world opens to the mystical platform no 9 ¾ (Nine and Three Quarters), or you can go deep through the Alice’s world down the rabbit hole…. Trust me (can say have faith) and I will take you deep down that way.

To start with, let’s do the God thingie first! I define faith as “Forgetting All, I Trust Him”. Hmm, when the impossible stares in our face, and then we sure do remember our creator, and suddenly, we are filled with a confidence that is as ironic as the coldness on Iron on a freezing winter morning, like in Hyderabad yesterday @ 8 C. The even colder reality, this damm thing works, and we succeed. (A word of caution – faith does not work, when you intentionally screw up and smile before GOD, but when you are lost and look up to him).

Now, more earthly things – Faith is about willing to lose the rational mind to eventually succeed. The biggest problem with faith is Rationale.. …but How can this be? !!!

If we go down memory lanes, it’s the same question “how can this be?” that led to the most brilliant of innovations and the best creations. This question, and that sense of awe and wonder, when taken in the positive sense, creates the best of creativity, a spurt full of energy that never existed, and a confidence that never beamed on us –That’s what faith can do !..... on the other hand, on one
F#!$@@#$ Wednesday evening, we say “how can this be?”…and instead of letting the creative juices flow, we engulf ourselves, in a world of amazing rationale (thanks to the ever so fertile sexy brain), we refuse to see the wonder, the complexity, and yes, we are on the one way spiral to no man’s land. Where reasoning reason that reason was wrong, and we landed here.

The problem is twofold –

One-we have been trained for 20 odd years to reason more to find why things go wrong, than to how things could be better.

Two-A sense of wonder is frowned as being.. .(let me not write it …we are all experts of that)….

So, same thing, it’s one word all of us feel tabooed to speak about, yet deeply posses it, guard it, cherish it, that’s the magic of faith!

Now I define faith as Fully Amazed, I Travel Head-on

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vivek said...

From above thoughts i feel right and reatrate saying Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible!