Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Love and Trust are inseparable … are they .. ?

There is a small lil calendar on my desk, which has a thought for a day. – Today’s thought – “Love and Trust are inseparable. You can’t have one without the other.

Like always, I choose to rebel against every thought. My basic Motto –
"Rebel against every thought - and when you rebel against every thought, every system, what is eventually left is what works –and probably what’s true – even if it sounds horrendous”
Anyways coming to the thought – Can I not really trust without loving? Ah!...straight away..what the heck (!@@#$!) is trust ? Simply put, (of course after managing to grey a few more of my remaining black hair….) – Its not exactly worrying too much about crossing the T’s and ensuring you RUST (rest?) your ass, leaving all the worries to someone else; and expect that someone else to ensure that things don’t RUST – so TRUST.

Hmm…not so early, before we can marry Trust and Love – (It’s the Modern era – courtship takes precedence over commitment ;) – romance over marriage :P) ..so have to wait till we define the LOVE thingie too.

Well…defining love is like going down the ages of Scholars, Romeos, Love Locks (ah !! its either warlock or wedlock right ?… ) - yu see, love can create things…..aha…that’s where my definition starts – The ability to create !! …. LOVE is that which has an ability to create (One sec ! ability to create all NON-MATERIAL things, just in case you have already printed a few million $$$ ).

Love creates a hope, a hope that you will be loved back – Love gives unasked, and expects things unasked – Hello? ..what the heck is this ? Ya, you guessed it right – it’s a double edged sword – It cannot exist in ISOLATION. Or in more earthly words, cause and effect – No effect – the cause dies!! Now is there anything called loving unconditionally – the only condition, you expect the same – unconditionally – you just don’t say it. J.

Let’s Marry Love and Trust! – Nope, hang on, going by the motto, I am supposed to rebel – so let me divorce both of them, and eventually see if they ………. Hmm….yu know…..

The Contender:
My Lord!, Love cannot marry Trust for Love cannot exist in isolation – It demands a reciprocation, while Trust does not, and there is disparity of expectation. (Oh..did I jump the gun – you can always TRUST someone, and be damm sure that s/he is trustworthy but the corollary of the same need not be, cos, I will trust someother, who can take Care of crossing the T, so that I can RUST my ass…remember the definition of Trust?? Well two rusting (resting) asses can only achieve one thing – Lots of RUSTING and no T’s will be crossed.

As per the law 275, and section 5645, sub clause !@#$, modern world demands that there cannot be “Disparity of Expectations”… (Whoever wrote that …that itself is a crazy expectation….what ever… .off the record!! )

The Defender:
I hope that my worthy “Contender” looks at this case with a lil more LOVE and I TRUST & that he will remember, that it’s “worthy” feelings at stake and very important that they be dealt with HOPE, as they can decide a few many things in life.

The Contender:
Objection, My Lord!, the Defender is dragging “English” into play, and manipulating words to play on TRUST, and Hoping that LOVE and TRUST find a common ground on a completely false ground, and that’s his BIG IMAGINARY HOPE

Objection …………

Sustained … The Defendant is hereby giving a warning that this case be dealt without plausible passions rising.

The Contender:
Thank you My Lord.

The Defender:
I call upon LOVE and TRUST for Questioning:

Q) LOVE! Can you state the reasons for you wanting to Marry TRUST, while the BRAIN thinks, there is a lot of disparity and you cannot coexist peacefully together?

LOVE responds:
While (with tears flowing down and a heavy heart) agree that I expect an absolute reciprocation to grow, I can transform by self and give myself a new birth into as many forms, and still love. This is driven by two factors “HOPE –which I can change and melt a few hard hearts; My Ability to CREATE (moron –not procreation…)”

If I cannot Marry TRUST, so be it for the well being of the Society, but I shall by Nature evolve into another LOVE till, I finally unite with TRUST. It’s part of me and I am it.

Q) TRUST! Why is that you want to marry LOVE? You both can coexist, and you end up paining LOVE, and eventually killing your own self of TRUST?

TRUST responds:
What do you mean (with absolute rage…!!)… you want to stop me from having LOVE – one on whom I can RUST and LOVE takes care of the T’s… it’s unfair..just unfair…you are killing my biggest opportunity….I hate you all….

The Contender:
My Lord, as you see, MY worthy CONTENDER, just proved that I was right – LOVE and TRUST cannot marry!.. .

They Have no common ground
TRUST is Selfish having LOVE as a means to RUST
LOVE is losing its identity , because of NON-RECIPROCATUION and recreating itself (and it’s the duty of the honorable court to uphold the identity of LOVE and TRUST)

After hearing all the arguments on both sides, and taking into consideration the extreme emotional dogma attached to the pesonna in question, as based on the various historical facts of BETRAYAL to which both LOVE and TRUST contribute equally, the honorary court has decided, that LOVE and TRUST cannot marry each other – however, both can continue to exist in isolation.

If this case needs to be challenged and want to be married, it can be only under the following clauses:
LOVE and TRUST are willing to switch roles as often as possible
Both partied herein inform each other of the role they have assumed by either oral, by deed or both.

All arguments in either favor will be dropped if they case to continually HOPE to GROW and LOVE and TRUST each other.

The Court is adjourned!
You see, I was right, they should ……………. (you decide…either should or should NOT)…

P.S: It was reported by confidential sources that both LOVE and TRUST are married, and there is a new cult following called – LIFE @ its BEST


Innovations said...

There is a stark difference between LOVE and TRUST. The former involveds only the self, meaning that love exists only for oneself and never for another, while the latter is a mutual thing that exists between two or more people.

Why, you may ask? let me explain.

We claim that we love someone. OK thats great. But do we really do so? Or is it that we assume that we love someone because it gives us so much pleasure, satisfaction, and contentment being able to do so? Then that means we love that someone for ourselves only and not for that other person. Right?

So love only exists for oneself.

On the other hand, trust, is something that must exist between two or more people. It can never exist within one person alone. Hence trust has more value and meaning to a relationship.

And Love is a truly selfish thing.

Think about it my friend.

Intimate Thoughts said...

Dear Innovations,

That's a brillaint thought... I really love when some one come up with a completely different paridgm.

- Intimate Thoughts

Innovations said...

Thanks iT,

At the end of the day we have to admit that we only love ourselves and we say and do everything possible during our short lifespan on this planet to please ourself, and ourself alone.

Bottom line is that if something didnt please us we wouldn't say or do it.

Innovations said...

oops i forgot
i need your e-mail address to send you the Excel Spreadsheet for the NEW Calendar computation. please send it to innovations.fs@gmail.com

CLS said...

love and trust? hmm...

mutually hostile.

try as we might not to, we still mix up the two. and they should not be mixed.

trust someone. not because you love them, but because they deserve your trust.

love someone. not because you trust them, but just because...

given time, they will mutually co-exist. but to attempt to bring in one because the other already exists is a sheer folly.

the catch? trusting someone with something so precious as a heart...