Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Power of Love ? ?

Power of Love? Creeps – Johnnyboy is on another emotional infringement. Well, we always hear what all ‘love can do’ …the lots of good times, the emotional highs, the sheer pleasure of feeling wanted. How many of these feelings inspired many a poet, many a film, many a tear (of course of joy).

Well, while how wonderful these feelings can be, I was thinking how “Un-Wonderful” the same – when one chooses NOT to love, and here are some uneventful that eventually happen.
  • Reason replaces forgiveness - when you choose to love – you overlook even the greatest stabs, every actions demands a reason and the ulterior motive and intent comes to the test
  • History Replaces Future – This is the worst thing; while in love, one always looks ahead into a glorious future, and when one chooses not to love, the skeletons come out of Hades and the smallest mis-endeavors come to the surface – stinking history.
  • Extra time replaces no time – Gain in time, gain in pain; the curliest of paradoxes, for once ppl have the very thing they crave for , a lil more time, but now cant decide how to spend that time, wishing time flew by swiftly.
  • Emotionless ness replaces that wonderful feeling – the same blood that sent your nerves tingling with every good thought, now boils a degree higher; but with a strange sense of lack of emotion, but nevertheless a ill longing for the same feeling.
  • Restrain replaces giving – as the old saying goes, you can give without loving, but can’t love without giving; but you process? to a state where you choose not to love and not to give, while till a moment ago, giving was a natural as breathing.
If love is the answer,can you please repeat the question?
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