Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A small composition without the letter 'e'

I was browsing some site a few days ago, and read about some famous author who wrote s a smalls tory without using the letter 'e'. The first thought that hit my lil head today morning is - What does it entail to write something like that...why...what..and decided, I will pen down my own one - A small composition without the letter 'e'.

Here it is...

This is a grill to my writing skills. Writing that which is rational and solitary, but containing a quantitiy of wisdom - without using that sugary unit, which commands a rightful position in all words that is built.
....and it is all an ongoing paranoia, to push traditional limits of usual norms, thinking to fly, to lofty summits - or should I say, bury my skull in untaught pain to script a tiny stupid composition similar to this - to confirm WHAT?
This is the thought for this day that wish to go away with - Many unknown lands wait for our footing, for a ray of light that - only an individual that confronts limits arbitarily put in our thoughts.Gird up your loins to blank out sight of coast you at this instant, standing on.
I in no way thought that I could do this...or script anything similar to this!

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Anonymous said...

Hey thats a good one !!!