Wednesday, December 13, 2006


One word that really does not alter any thing in life, but sure leaves a few sign posts, and gifts those precious moments to take stock, look back, look ahead, whine, dream, crib, praise and importantly give a gentle knock, of what current "reality" is.

Over my working years - I have seen, how this 'appraisal' thing works - seen people crash into reality, zoom off into self righteous oblivion, kill confidence, give wings to fly - all in all - it does something (good or bad being relative).

As an apraisee, had some wonderful moments (all wonderful in their own truest sense), and have helped me move ahead (either leap further, or pull out from a dungeon), and the change over time was good.

As an appriaser, had some wonderful moments too - helped build a few careers, threw off and cleaned some stuff, advice, help, reprimand, and mutually learn.

So far it looked good, till, the way I see how this thing is handled at where I work now - One word - Appalling!

The following are the things I hate about it here, right now:
  1. It's a favour to be done, at best a duty to be fulfilled
  2. Neither process nor the person are important (till now, the worst place I thought was, one which was a sucker for process or people alone, Ahem!)
  3. There are no sign posts that you can take back or look forward too - just another intellectual orgasm, or depending on the mood - pleasurable or painful
  4. Use 'process' to not answer a few straight questions, and 'people' to not answer a few cryptic ones - all it all - there are no answers, and the questions are neither appreciated.

If there are no answers, no questions, no real job to be done, just a favour, no sign posts to look forward to, then why this whole thing called "Appraisal".

The paradox - this still taught something :) Time to move on! - Hopeless Optimist I say!


CLS said...

in the vary same campinny that you work, i also is work.

i understooded one things. thet appraisal is for paper becauz all those certificate companies is asking for proofs. so we is writing all of that.

but remember one thing, whether the guy rates you or not, at least you sat back and looked at what you did the last few months. since when did greatness need external validation?

Intimate Thoughts said...

I like the External Validation thingie - Its more irritation that I have than anything else.


Arjun said...

i can feel the pain....
... but did you expect anything better - given the garangutan nature of the organization that employs you....??