Sunday, April 12, 2009


After being blissful in my own world, exploring, enjoying, crying, cursing, riding, living and having fun by my terms, at last, I guess I fully feel the need for a partner and also now ready to be a partner, and share and look at life ahead along with whoever my partner would be.

Yes on fronts - Spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical.

My blogs reflect my Spiritual, Intellectual and Emotional aspects, and I believe that these are sides of you that don't get built or change overnight. The last aspect - physical - that's what I need to work on.

When I think back, I look at myself in both awe and disgust at the same time - looks like I can shrink and expand by quite a range. But for now, I want to shrink and stay that way. Ya, ppl - you can gift me some nice sports shoes and a new wardrobe, which is 2 sizes smaller. That way I would really have to earn it. (...and some nice Deo's - c'mon, that the only piece of cosmetic, if I can call that, that I use)

Who would that girl be? I don't know. This much I am sure - I will make it count and like I always said - either will get her in the square or I'll be square. No masks, no best foot forward approaches - :-)

To life

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Arjun said...

cheers to life!!!