Monday, October 30, 2006


It's a lil past midnight, and sleeps beckons, but the moment lingers!

I do not know how many times this happens to anyone, but twas a moment, when I felt so humbled, by simple honesty.

Heaving with a puffed chest about a virtuous life, and somewhere along the way snacthed the credit to myself for God's Grace, and a brilliant upbrining, as if it was all mine, and reveling with a feeling of near pride - It was just a moment of honesty, talking with my dearest and best friend, that crushed it all - Just crushed it all!
A moment I felt that, it was most important to get right with God, with myself and with man in the same order.

I feel like I have rediscovered something that was lost, and am filled with Joy and gratitude. God does work in Mysterious ways, and I thank Him for all! For once I am not afraid to give back all the controls to Him. What was I really holding back?" - It was just the question, that was lingering in my head, that I wanted to ask God, and I get the answer for the same through this friend.

To my dear friend, its wonderful to know you, to have met you and count it my previlage to be loved so much, and to love you back that much and more. Never felt so glad before.
There is no more fear, no apprehension and just the wonderful feeling of being back in a completely new way, and rediscovering myself, looking ahead and lots of love.

~ To love - Johnny


CLS said...
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CLS said...

Most often than not, we refuse to let God operate quietly. It's Bollywoodization, I tell you!

So, it takes a flash of light to make us understand.

But more important than anything else, is to understand.

I'm glad you understood. :-)

~ Best Friend

Anonymous said...

Iam so glad to read this..God surely answers prayers..

We love you so much , more than you think you know and God surely loves you much more and Iam confident that He has a superb plan for your life and so the miraculous escape..

Never cease to uphold you in His presence.

love & prayers
Akka , Bava & Ivana

Anonymous said...

This is extremely true Johnny.
and.. sometimes when you stop trying to take charge of a situation.. just let it solve itself out - yes there is peace, then!