Wednesday, October 25, 2006

@ Library

One of those days, when you wanted to reference something, that could help you with your work - and you enter a library.

Now before I go ahead, let me describe my office Library - We have a sitting space to read news papers, a sitting space to read books and magazines, and a 40 seater cyber cafe, so that employees can catch up on any personal mails / browsing or just take a break.

I finish my work and walk by searching for a machine, and find something very amusing!

1. More than 60% of the machines - Webmail (office mail is open) - Huh ? You come all the way to the cybercafe to check the same mails you ran away from?!!!
2. About 10% cross browse (meaning - I see what you are browsing, and you see what I am browsing) - May be this is the internet version of "I pat your back and you pat my back"
3. About 15% - searching for Jobs (hmmm thats better, but the internet access is uses your AD authentication - so what difference does it make if you search for a job from your desk??)
4. The remaining are smiling, typing sweet nothings, catching up on mails, and everytime you pass them, they try to hide the screen - (I felt guilty stepping on their real time off from work)

So, these are my conclusions:
1. People have become Pseudo workoholics - Meaning, they are really not workoholics, but have rotten their head so much, that they run off from the work place to catch up on mails from elsewhere - Actually, they have no work - Else they would not have left their seats

2. People really need to take breaks - It's legal, ethical and just right for you and every one else

3. I like the cross browse thingie - New internet age bonding !! - Way to go

4. Don't be a dumb ass to search for a job on a job portal from the cyber cafe, using your own AD - Better do it from your desk - atleast the message is sent across loud and clear

5. People still go to the library when they need some thing to reference - There is hope - It's still not a completely "googled" world as yet.

To Life - Gyani


Anonymous said...

You need to take a break Johnny boy...

Anonymous said...

stop thinking so much - are you sure there was no damage during that accident???

Intimate Thoughts said...

@ Arjun
The knees seem to be fine, will check the head!

CLS said...

60% do A, 15% do B, 10% do C what percent do two? How many do none? Do any do all three?

Incomplete information. Conclusions not justified :P