Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A taste of reality

I am not the one to burn bridges with haste, but sometimes, I just hate it so much; that at will I can choose to uproot even the mountains that create the need for a bridge.

No Mountains, no bridges, just an open expanse of whatever you call that.

I detest when someone uses me to be the shoulder to fire a gun, and move away with the notion that I would not realize - something that people forget - when you fire a gun - there is a recoil that hits the shoulder, and that does jolt even the dumbest one to know that it was their shoulder, from which the gun was fired.

If you have a question, and chose to ask - be prepared to hear the answer. Why make a mockery of the answer and me? - There was nothing to speak if the question was not asked! - Balls!

Mediocrity reigns and I am tired of people who in general know only one world - 'their world" and make a mockery of everything else that’s not as per the laws of a fictitious world
You wanna live a real life, get real, there is more than one real world!

Today is one of those moments that I feel like uprooting a few mountains - but, I don’t burn bridges that fast. Hope that moment does not come

- Gyani, cos I have worked hard to get it, and I am grateful to the One above for the same.


Anonymous said...

awww.... (hug)

Anonymous said...

i like that huggy....
i'll give you another one.....

Intimate Thoughts said...

wow - I get huggies on my blog.. yaaay !

CLS said...

huggies for blogposts... what a bargain. john, its not fairrrrrrrr