Saturday, October 21, 2006

7 Seven 7’s

I have come up with this new theory that life happens in buckets of 7s.

0-7 Yrs
  • You are nurtured
  • Cared for
  • First impressions of likes and dislikes
  • You get your way by kicking and crying
  • Love is being nice to (yourself)
  • Milk teeth fall and …

8-14 Yrs

  • Your grow faster in head as much as in body
  • Learn to care for
  • First strong impressions about anything and everything
  • First crushes
  • Completely new set of opinions about life
  • Voice cracks, final set of teeth
  • Dreams where sky is the limit …

15-21 Yrs

  • Likes and dislikes are redefined
  • Impressions turn into Opinions
  • Crushes are crushed and Love is substantiated
  • Dreams are fortified
  • Responsibility?
  • First taste of frustration …

22-28 Yrs

  • Have an opinion about everything and anythingOpinions are given a dimension of pragmatic realism
  • Frustration fortified
  • Love is revisited, crushes are better
  • Get realistic, dreams are for the losers
  • Responsibility beckons
  • Marriages….?

29-35 Yrs

  • Opinions don’t matter anymore
  • New set of impressions (what ever they are – go back to 0-7 yrs) formed
  • True Love, an illusion
  • Dreams revisited (ahan.. 15-21 Yrs)
  • Dental Gloss (go back to 0-7 yrs)
  • Voice Booms (ala cracks all over again)
  • Frustration fortified
  • Married!

36-42 Yrs

  • Energy Rejuvenated
  • Sharing Experiences?
  • First attempt to write an auto Biography
  • Sweet memories of crushed crushes
  • Should have been following my instinct!!!
  • Revisited decisions of every thing ever did
  • Final Impressions of life remade
  • Love is finalized and sealed forever
  • Responsibility aches

43-49 Yrs

  • Experienced at everything and anything
  • Failed autograph
  • Lasting memories stacked and preserved
  • Rationale was good – Instinct bad – I took the right decisions
  • Final Opinions about life
  • First chance to transfer responsibility
  • Dreams fulfilled

50-56 Yrs

  • Hmm… Life takes a full turn, the start of a second and pitiful childhood, go back to 0-7 yrs sections. Its already 7 times 7

Based on how long you live, it repeats all over again!

Due to the inherent differences in the gene pool of species Homo Sapiens (ala we, humans), there can be some extended or decreased periods in the 7 yrs cycles. Some times its admired as brilliant and sometimes spat on as stupid.

To Life - Gyaani


Anonymous said...

i agree with the last bit - sometimes that 7 years extends to a larger than life number!!!

CLS said...

do you need to do the whole cycle to get back to the first 7?

But I don't think life is that kind :-)

Intimate Thoughts said...

@ cls
short cuts in the 7's cycle - Ahem!

Why speed up the inevitable... ?