Tuesday, May 09, 2006

“A short Term View” Vs. “A Long Term View”–Part 1

It’s the oscillation that keeps the air moving, the fluctuation that keeps the heart throbbing, and it’s the non-constancy of things that make them interesting. One thing that’s absolute is that - the variables of an absolute paradigm are relative.

Many a time, we look at things from quote-unquote perspectives called “A Short Term View” and “A long Term View”. The interplay of these two views juggle us up with some of our deepest desires, wants, needs, goals and influence how we react, talk and behave at a moment of time. A simple conflict of these views unleashes a plethora of emotions, events and shape up what we are.

I want to deal with this topic on 4 planes: Career, Family, God and Relationships (In alphabetical Order)


Ahem!...at last you got the one Job you cherished for, and have landed in the “dream” job that goes in line with your over all aspirations, your Large Grander plan and fills your lungs with excess air to make you give those big Sighs of jubilation or relief .


You seemingly made a compromise to get in a job, so that you really want to use this time, to make things fall in line with your over all aspirations, your Large Grander plan and fills your lungs with excess air to make you give those big Sighs of relief.

Hold on, it sounds that same right, in fact reads exactly word to word. Then how come one instance leaves you with a feeling of “good” and another with a feeling of “Dirt”? Yup, in one you take a Long term view, and feel that things are fallen in place, and you are heading in the planned direction and in the other, you have taken a short term view and apparently “compromised” but still heading in the same planned direction.

The fact is we are still heading out in the same direction – except the roads might have got a lil rougher – But both are still headed in the same direction called “Progress”. The only difference – is a case of applied “Sour Grape” variable – We invariable measure our progress relative to what some one or how some one is doing – and the feeling is a “Sour Grape”. – Point in fact – Still headed in the same direction – Enjoy the ride and discover new things along the way – Sound Stupid – Taste this – Assume you have a Bloody Bitch (or dog) of a Boss – you hate him/her….makes life miserable.

Short Term View: Kill the boss, Kick the dirt, spit fire, and indulge in self appreciation.
Long Term View: this Boss is teaching me what not to become, shows me how bad things can go…and above all gears you for better challenges…. Oh my God…does this sound Positive…well it works occasionally to flip the view.


Hmmm…that’s how things start when you want to speak about family. Somehow, there never seems to be one coherent point between “I” in the cool generation, and between “them” from yester years. (And how fast ppl can move from the cool generation to Yester years :P), and surprising we all co-exist (dinn get a better word). It’s like; you can’t stop cribbing, but still long to be in the same environment to crib.

You want to go Hiking, and your parents think you might have difficulty raising your son – cos you might break your leg, get impaired, and thus affect your ability to earn…blah..Blah…. Hang on! you probably don’t even have a steady going Girl / boy Friend……and after topping the “To be Prayed for” list in you family for several months, sense dawns on us to look at life from a real long term view, and we start planning…and…say –

You say to your parents, I have thought hard…and…this is the “sense” I got in – I want to go to XYZ University, study, become big ….blah blah….and you get a response….like “Are you Crazy”....remember you will not be young for long…enjoy life….take risks… ..get married… Huh?

The point in fact – Both parties take and either view at every single point of time, including the time every one in the family agrees on something (each are agreeing to a different thing than what you have agreed for). It’s this difference of view points that really bring the balance…and all of us are heading forward….long term!

This ends the part 1 … I will write about God, Relationship and the conclusion to this after a couple of days


Anonymous said...

Very well written!

Anonymous said...

Look forward to Part II. Am sure it'll be equally well written.

Intimate Thoughts said...

Dear Anonymous,

Can you leave you name?


Anonymous said...

What’s in a name Intimate?

People come and people go; people are born and they die.

I am just another soul passing by.

Arjun said...

looks like "anonymous" dear kept comin back :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah... like Lazarus, who came back from the Dead... :-)

Intimate Thoughts said...

to the Anonymous who believes whats in a Name - Well....you are right...People come ..People go...but..the Metre in their Rhyme gives them away... :P

Suprised that actually left a commnent... not likely of you. Nice. :)

well..if I dinn know that a rose is a rose... would have smelt a Jasmine and thought it was a rose. .


Intimate Thoughts said...

to the "Lazarus" Anonymous -

Well... I am alive and Kicking...Was taking a break....looking at the under world...its quite intersting... wanna know my experinces ??? :P

Bangalore must me interesting I suppose.

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Dear Anonymous..

:P...btw...Bangalore..was a mileading clue...

Should I say US? :P

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Bangalore. US. Jasmine. Rose. They're just names.

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:-))))...... multiple Anonymous exist..... can we start nameing them?

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The unknown is more real than the known.

Arjun said...

so Lazarus and Intimate thoughts..we're gtting cosy here

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Even if Lazarus and Intimate thoughts got cozy, why do you keep haunting us Arjun?

Or is it that you are tracking Intimate's activities? Jealous, are u?

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what hahahhah Intimate?