Friday, December 21, 2007


Alas for that moment when man ate of the fruit of knowledge, that he was condemned with the consequences of a powerful brain, a mortal body and a frail will.

….and so did the eternal quest for the quenching of an insatiable cerebellum continues, only to be subdued by occasional spurts of clouded happiness; most of which is a result of blinded reality to reality – the only reality being – you are a sojourner and there is really no rest to the head, and consequently to the body, emotions and everything thereof.

…and walking the beaten path or treading along unchartered territory, you will still hold points of references, for what? – Lest we have to retract, or milestones that subdue reality of a time being, to recharge for continuing winding journey ahead.

…and there comes along an Oasis, (that) we look with joy, and almost always later leave into the desert with spite – Is it really spite? – At best they a seen as a spring in the desert (literally) while the journey is really out in the sands.

…and comes the Glade – in the thicket of woods, where order seems to suddenly seem intrinsic, till the howl of the night, shakes it into perspective, that we are really out in the woods.

…and at the end of it all – the quest to do something new, something good, and leave a trail and leave a mark – you are back to where you have actually started – to eating more of the fruit of knowledge, only to be condemned again to the consequences of a powerful brain, a mortal body and a frail will.

…Glade I wonder, Glade I love, Glade I learn from, Glade I run


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Vinay Varma said...

"powerful brain, a mortal body and a frail will." - beautiful:)