Sunday, November 02, 2008

2nd Innings

…and I am ready for the 2nd innings – I do not know how many innings are out there to play, maybe a couple more, a few more seasons, a lil more refining, a lot many dreams, make a few more stars twinkle, many more sunsets to be chased, a lot more to be learnt, much to be tempered, seasoned, pickled and then wake up early on a dreamless night and wonder, if another innings is round the corner.

I breathe hope, eat optimism, ride on passion and flirt with ‘Grace’. That is what I am – simple and candid.

..and here I am, standing, looking ahead, taking a peek back, and no regrets, but think something(s) could have be done differently, but no regrets, cos I got more than what I asked for, and a lot more than what I dreamt of, and more importantly – I am here writing this, and at the start of a 2nd innings.

A toast to all who have been at this moment before me, and a wish to all who are yet in their 1st innings – you will be here eventually!

I wish and dream a brilliant 2nd innings, but really don’t hold “brilliant” to it’s wonderful meaning – Just hope, that my post at the end of this innings retains a lots of what I am or have been thus far - breathe hope, eat optimism, ride on passion and flirt with ‘Grace’.


sam said...

it's not just somethings you could have done differently. you could have done everything differently! but then, you wouldn't be WW anymore!

but let me be even more serious... who is "Grace"? :P

Arjun said...

2nd innings.... whoa!!!
When did the first one end?