Monday, July 13, 2009

The case of a Genius gone wrong

It all starts early, when everyone around him is fascinated by his apparent breadth of understanding, while in reality it’s amplitude that really sets him apart – in short, he sets off on a path of deeper probing, while the world assumes a broader spreading. The initial conflicts appear as rather curious quirks, and are put up with as rather fascinating, and yeah, he will eventually grow up and understand – except that, his long lone way of a single journey, not encompassing a broad horizon starts – In short, a loner in the making, with a flamboyant outlook.

And, then along the way, in his growing years, he meets and finds some cloned cousins who can give endless intellectual orgasm, and they become friends for a while. And the clock ticks, where the loner, for some time, with his friends started expanding his circle, suddenly realized that he misses, what he most cherishes – amplitude, and off, he sets on a path, of deeper understanding again.

And , the clock ticks, till he finds no one to really connect to, and but various people befriend him for very good short term advantages, for any of the following in this order:

  • Intelligence
  • Career Success
  • The persona of confidence

And, then he hates it to a point, wondering if there is anyone real out there? Real, meaning – who can just sit and talk, and just talk and just talk, and yet not bore you with giggly stories.
And the loner now, fully grown, comes with the best alternative to kill intellectual boredom – douse yourself till you are knocked out in work – Work – the best ever reason abused by man to hide from home, relationships, responsibility, growth or just plain boredom.

And, then the good old loner cannot get any more kicks from work, or the work cannot douse him anymore, and so finds his alter ego, to talk to, to reason with and in short, not literally hallucinate or end Schizophrenic, or rather wished it was that way!

And, then a tender knock of the real world, where all the fascinated world from the first paragraph, suddenly want you to grow up – and no longer like the fellow you are- and yes, they know – you are a genius, but now find their comfort by seeing as a moron – for by accepting that you are a genius would mean sharing the responsibility of your existing state.

And, then there are a few lucky ones, who have that one or two friends, who see past the skull, and the skin – but – then that’s a rarity. You end up longing for one chat with no strings attached, or just a plain coffee with no halos.

(Interlude – the other friends are fighting their own demons too – but, are they really?)

Who else did say the sun shall shine always – it has to be clouded for the well being of everyone – at the same time, come back to give the warmth – but the burning sun stands alone, burning. So much for a case that’s gone so terribly wrong, or has it really gone wrong?



Arjun said...

you're a lucky one....
you do have friends...
even if they're like me.

Moses John Wesley said...

@ Arjun

Yes - you are one of them

Kavitha David said...

and ofcourse your nagging sister you cannot ignore